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Fox News’ Will Cain touted legislation that would provide more funding to the Internal Revenue Service as he announced on Friday that “Tucker Carlson tonight.”

Will Can: Burial in the bill is a big concession Internal Revenue Service. The legislation would boost the agency by $80 billion. This will allow the agency to hire more than 80,000 new agents. Remember, the IRS is already incredibly, mysteriously, heavily militarized.

Cinema among top recipients of private equity cash as it removes billionaire tax loophole from Manchin bill

They have stockpiled thousands of firearms and millions of ammunition. why does IRS Are all those weapons needed? Why do we need to make the IRS more powerful? We know the point is not to investigate rich or powerful Americans. The most recent version of the bill leaves the carry interest loophole intact. Now it benefits wealthy individuals and institutions, particularly hedge fund managers who are the biggest donors to the Democratic Party.

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Therefore, the doors of Goldman Sachs will not be battered down by IRS agents with those guns. No. Following it all? Build Back Better is about doing what we want hedge fund managers who make a lot of money in China and China to do. What do Americans get out of this deal? Apparently, too much inflation and probably too many audits.

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