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“Full House” star Dave Coolier remembers his best friend and co-star, the late Bob Sagate.

Saget died on January 9.Full House“Alum’s cause of death was head trauma,” said a statement from Saget’s family and the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office.

“We made each other laugh,” Collier told Fox News Digital. “And, you know, it was me, Bob and [the late] Gary Chandling and Saget were always three-way calling, so the three of us would be on the road, and Bob would always get me and Gary inside and we would be like three fifth-graders.

References in Jokes and humor are sophomoric I’m ashamed to say what the actual content is, “Coolier added.” But the three of us laughed so hard at each other, and it was because we were trying to outdo each other or say something political. Wrong.

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“Twice a thousand times. But really we made each other laugh because it was so inappropriate. But the three guys appreciated its inappropriateness.”

From left: Bob Sagate, Dave Coulier and John Stamos.  The trio starred in "Full House" and the reboot "Fuller House".

From left: Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos. All three starred in “Full House” and the reboot “Fuller House.”
(Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP, file)

Coulier shared that he met Saget as a young comic at age 18, and that the two ended up “sleeping on his couch” while filming “Full House” and “became instant friends.”

But really we laughed at each other, because it wasn’t quite right. But the three guys appreciated its absurdity. “

– Dave Coulier on Bob Sagate and Gary Sandling

Yes. I met Bob when he was 18 and he’s on a comedy store tour here in Detroit, “Coulier shared. It was Monday night, New Talent Night, and he fired rafts from this place.

“And I just thought, ‘Wow, how can this guy be so young and nice and polished?’ And we became instant friends. And then I slept on his couch in L.A. And then, life imitates art, I slept on his bed. ‘Full House,’ It’s just crazy. ”

Coulier recalls meeting Saget as a young comic at age 18, and shared that the two ended up "sleeping in his bed" while shooting "Full House" and "instantly became friends."

Coulier recalls meeting Sagate at the age of 18 as a young comic and sharing that the two ended up “lying in his bed” while shooting “Full House” and “instantly became friends”.
(Leon Bennett / Wire Image)

Bob Saget revealed in an interview a few months before his death that he was ‘fortunately changed’

As loyal “Full House” fans know, Coulier’s career spanned three decades, including eight seasons playing Joey Gladstone on the hit sitcom series.

“I slept on his sofa in LA. And then, life mimics art. I slept on his sofa in ‘Full House’.”

– Dave Coulier on Bob Saget

When you start the show, you’re just kind of doing the best show, and you’re trying to please people,” Coulier explained. “You’re trying to make them laugh and tell a story. In our first season we were panned by critics, Tom Shales of The Washington Post hated us. He said it was a rip-off of ‘Three Men and a Baby’. And then those people took it back.”

Coulier is currently starring in the family-friendly comedy “Live + Local”, which airs. Pure flicks. Collier plays Tommy Murphy, a popular talk show host trying to overcome the ups and downs of the radio world.

Coulier also talked about his latest family-friendly comedy project, "Live+Local," streaming on PureFlix.

Coulier also talked about his latest family-friendly comedy project, “Live+Local,” streaming on PureFlix.
(Courtesy of Pure Flix)

“I actually got my start in radio here in Michigan,” shared Coulier. “I worked at a radio station called WABC, and it was progressive rock. So, I interned there. So, I got a lot of that radio experience.”

Coulier also opened up about getting sober.

“Well, for me, I need to gain restraint in my life, And it’s the best choice for me, “he said.” Alcohol abuse is really difficult for anyone. But when I was a kid in my sixties I grew up in an age when drinking was fun. It was fun for everyone.

“The parents had fun with alcohol, and they’d pour us some beer in our little solo cup. And, you know, we’d sit there and think, ‘Wow, we’re drinking beer just like our parents, you know?’ It was a very different time in our world then.”

“I do not know how I got drunk and came to this other side.”

– Dave Coulier was sober before the deaths of Bob Saget, Norm Macdonald, Louie Anderson and Gilbert Gottfried

Coulier said he was “eternally grateful” that he was sober before Sagate’s death. Norm Macdonald, Louie Anderson, and Gilbert Gottfried because “I don’t know how I got to the other side of this drunk.”

Outside of his career and comedy, Coulier has a passion for aviation.

“You know, our dad flew in. That’s why, when I was just five, I started traveling with my dad,” Coolier explained. “Then I got my license at the age of 17, and then maintained my practice rating. And I love aviation. My son is now a FedEx pilot. So, this is something we all enjoy.”

Mostly remembered when he was part of “Full House?”

Left to right: 1989

Left to right: Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure, Bob Saget, Mary-Kate / Ashley Olsen and John Stamos in “Full House” in 1989.
(American Broadcasting Companies by Getty Images)

“We laughed our heads off. We had such a good time, we talked about stories when we were together,” he said. “We’re very close. We’re very close — it’s almost crazy that a TV show has become a real family. But we did.

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“We’re there for everything from the beginning of our show, to the cancellation of our show, to births, divorces, deaths, weddings, to big names, to the cancellation of our show – you name it. We came through it. Like a real family.”