Sports What are Guardian Caps and why do some NFL...

What are Guardian Caps and why do some NFL players wear them in training camp?


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Bradley Chubb laughed about his new headwear at Denver Broncos training camp, particularly its lack of fashion.

“It’s kind of ugly,” he said after Denver’s first day of on-field work. “I don’t like ugly.”

The fifth-year outside linebacker is talking about the Guardian cap, which he and several other NFL players are now required to wear from the start of camp through the second week of preseason games. the year

The mandate came from the league during the spring ownership meetings in March that offensive and defensive linemen, tight ends and linebackers must wear them during practice for the early part of training camp and through the third preseason week. A total introduction to practice.

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What is a Guardian Cap?

A Guardian Cap is a soft, padded outer covering worn on the outside of players’ helmets. The NFL says they can reduce concussions by up to 10% if one player involved in a collision wears one of them, and by 20% if both players involved in a collision wear them. In the last three seasons, before the Guardian Cap’s mandate began, The NFL reports about 30 documented concussions per year during preseason practices.

Guardian Sports, the company that makes the caps, originally designed them thanks to funding granted by the NFL in an effort to reduce the number of head injuries in practice.

Why does the NFL need guardian caps?

In general, as teams increase the amount of contact in training camp, the number of head injuries increases. Jeff Miller, the NFL’s executive vice president for player health and safety, said in March that they settled on the timeframe to require guardian caps, “because we see a greater concentration of helmet impacts here during the year. Bigger rosters, more frequent contact methods, so our players can save injury.” We hope.

Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett called them “sweet” on Wednesday.

“We talk about the team all the time and it’s about protecting the team,” he added. “If it’s going to help somebody, hey, we’re going to do it.”

Do NFL Players Like Guardian Caps?

Well, not exactly – at least for some. Still, Chubb said he’s willing to wear it if it helps keep players healthy through the grind of training camp.

“They’re a little heavy, but if they’re going to make us safer, I’m all for it,” he said. “I know all the guys around the league have to wear them, so that’s what it is. … If it gets us through the season and knocks out concussions it’s fine with me, all good.

Hackett has an added advantage over quarterbacks who step into pass-rush traffic to throw the ball.

“I think it gives the quarterback a little more protection when his arm comes forward, it’s a little softer than a helmet,” Hackett said. “There’s nothing bad about them except that they might not be the best fashion statement.”

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