Entertainment ‘Westworld’ tears it to pieces again but can’t escape...

‘Westworld’ tears it to pieces again but can’t escape its own dense maze


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(CNN)“Westworld” Returns, showing many familiar faces in unfamiliar roles, expanding aspects of the third season, who creatively traveled by train. While it certainly lives a smart life to see where it goes, at this point the series isn’t able to follow through its chaotic maze, so the question isn’t because the energy to try doesn’t seem right.
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Looking more clearly at its design (a by-product of the original amusement-park-adult setting), HBO Drama still categorizes really good actors, with James Marsden’s comeback and new additions enhanced by Oscar winners Ariana Debos and Daniel Woo.
Once again, however, they are operating mainly on parallel tracks, giving random acts of violence without giving a clear indication of where this train is going. And while Long distances between seasons Definitely not helped, it is not easy to notice that a more accelerated schedule will eliminate the flaws in the system.
    The most promising thread includes the heretical AI Mawe (Thandive Newton), who reunites with Caleb (Aaron Paul) and embarks on a joint mission. His path intersects with the villain and ruthless William (Ed Harris) as he pursues his own shadow plan, a character originally elevated to the mystery of the first season which is perhaps the most symbolic of the show’s decline, since it has gradually become less interesting.
      Giants like Evan Rachel Wood And Jeffrey Wright is back, too, but it’s hard to make up much of his storyline through four episodes, with “Westworld” created as just one of three events. How the producers will bring it all together, the goodwill and trust they have built up in the past has largely evaporated, reducing the belief that they are playing six-dimensional chess and raising more suspicions that they are spending a lot of HBO . Money on a wide jigsaw puzzle. (HBO, like CNN, is a unit of Warner Bros. Discovery.)
      Given Michael Crichton’s initial appreciation of “Westworld” for bringing the original concept to the forefront and forcing viewers to see the exploitation of these artificial creatures through their eyes, the series is too high-profile that can be completely ignored.
      Still, sitting dutifully in the middle of this eight-part season, realizing that the pieces can be put together satisfactorily, at least those who had doubts seem to have asked and answered.
        At one point, Maeve darkly referred to the battle, saying, “Disposal and break. Just like in the old days.”
          Alas, there are only so many “good old days”, and it makes no sense to leave out the ones who are most involved in making the “Westworld”, no matter how much you play with the wiring they don’t seem to be coming back.
          The fourth season of “Westworld” will air on HBO on June 26 at 9 p.m.

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