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Warriors Stars ‘Struck’ Clay Thompson, Draymond Green ‘Fourth NBA Championship’ | Feedback


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BOSTON – The Golden State started the season 24-5 and emerged as a championship contender just before Christmas and before Clay Thompson’s expected return from injury that had left him sidelined for 2½ seasons.

The Warriors are back, scoring and defending.

Until they are gone.

Injuries at various points to Thrimond Green, Steff Curry, Otto Porter Jr., and Andre Igudala and Thompson’s unequal comeback halted those title aspirations.

Phoenix continued to roll in the regular season, Memphis made a run and the Warriors lost the regular season 16 in the last 28 games.

However, at the All-Star Weekend, the Green Warriors were announced as the losing team at the Western Conference.

What he says is true – and then some.

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No. in the Golden State West. Entered the playoffs as the 3rd seed. It beat Denver, Memphis and Dallas and beat Boston in the NBA Finals.

“We entered the postseason and, not knowing how our rotation was going to be and how our chemistry was going to be, made it clear that ‘we need to reach the maximum at the right time’, because the same situation is needed,” said Curry, who won his first finals MVP after averaging 31.2 points over Boston.

“However, damn, we did. It’s insane to think. All those words came to fruition. Express your destiny in a certain way and that stubbornness – who we are is more important than what anyone says about us – so here we are.”

It was the Warriors’ fourth championship in eight seasons, extending the dynasty that began with the title in 2015 over Cleveland.

And for the Warriors, the title, as Curry puts it, is “Different Hits.”

“Knowing what it means over the last three years, changing guards on rosters, knowing how we’re recovering from injuries from wigs (Andrew Wiggins), our young people carrying the confidence that we’re back to this stage and winning, even if no one understands when we say it, all things are important,” Curry said. .

Three years ago, the Warriors became a franchise, mainly due to injury to Thompson and Kevin Durant leaving Brooklyn for free agency. The Warriors finished 15-50 in 2019-20 and Thompson missed the 2020-21 season with another injury. That season Curry injured four games on his arm and sat for the rest of the year.

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The Warriors have two consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance after five consecutive finals. The front office, led by Bob Myers, began rebuilding the roster, adding Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Gary Peyton II and Otto Porter Jr. to bring back Andre Igudala. They adhered to a plan, hoping that the talented scorers and great defenders around Curry, Thompson and Green could turn themselves into competitors again.

“It’s very unlikely from the point of view of where we’ve been for the last two years. Most people are unaware,” said coach Steve Kerr.

That fight from the 2019 finals resonated with the Warriors. With teams such as the Phoenix, Memphis and Los Angeles Lakers also approaching a season, the Warriors have been sidelined.

“Some experts and speaking chiefs clearly remember to keep a big zero on how many championships we have to go through because of everything we’ve faced,” Curry said. “So we hear it all, and you carry it all and you try to pursue your purpose, do not let it distract you, but when you carry that weight and get here, it all comes out. It’s unique.”

There is praise for coming back to the finals and winning bigger than previous experiences. As the series progressed, Golden State revealed that it had given itself offensive and defensive answers and that its collective experience in the finals was far greater for the Celtics in the last three games.

They enjoyed the trip.

“I know how difficult it is, and I’m grateful to be here for the fourth time,” Thompson said. “I saw it at the beginning of the season. People called me crazy. I called it the championship or the bust because I saw how we got 18-2 out of the gate. I know we have the opportunity to do something special, and we’re here. It’s so wonderful. Wow. “

From many, especially the Wiggins provided in the finals, while Curry, Thompson and Green have been the mainstay since 2015. They now have 21 finals victories, more than any three in the last 50 seasons. Without one of the three, the Golden State season probably would not have ended this way.

“We know what it takes. And we depend on each other and on each other,” Green said. “If I work hard in one area, Steph is not trying to do it. We rely on each other for what we are great at.”

The Warriors used free agency and trade, but they also used the draft to select Curry, Thompson and Greene. Building that way and maintaining it is not easy.

“You’ve been talking about the fabric of this team for the last eight years,” Igudala said.

“What they did in this league and the foundation they can build, you have to give them a lot of credit. In 100 years, you’re going to talk about some of the best players and teams and the foundations, and those three guys, they’re a template on how you can build a championship lineage.”

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