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Stuart Warney, host of “Warney & Company” on Fox Business, said President Biden’s original mistake was to cut US oil production. On “Fox and Friends” on Thursday, Warney argued that when Biden took office, the end of US energy independence had pushed up inflation.

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Stuart Warney: The president is toxic, and I think It is toxic due to inflation. Inflation has taken its toll. One thing this administration will never do is to admit that the original mistake was to end America’s energy independence. By Reduction in energy production from day one Of this administration, it was written on the wall. That’s when inflation started. That’s when Putin came up with the idea of ​​invading Ukraine because he knew we were going to run out of energy. Then the woman who runs Germany – Angela Merkel. This is the moment when she canceled her plan to import American liquefied natural gas to Germany.

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