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A new section from the Liberal Outlet Vice reveals the alleged “deep roots” of “white supremacist groups” in the US National Parks system and argues that modern white supremacists are re-committed to “embracing the Great Outdoor”.

Wednesday’s report, written by Tess Owen, began with a satirical illustration. “At first glance, this may seem unusual: healthy activities such as hiking, eating berries and camping are in stark contrast to the lifestyle of right – right livestrimers living in the basement.”

But as the piece explains, right-to-right is entering the great outdoors. To educate readers, Owen provided an example of a terrorist group enjoying a park in Upstate, New York. “Over the past weekend, many young right-wing extremists have been camping in upstate New York.

According to Owen, these young people are trying to cultivate a relationship with “land that they have vowed to pledge against, anything that they consider to be American and Christian, whether it be immigration, complex racial ideology or transgender rights.”

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Neo-Nazi, white supremacist and white nationalist groups surround a small group of anti-protesters in Charlottesville, WA, August 11, 2017.

Neo-Nazi, white supremacist and white nationalist groups surround a small group of anti-protesters in Charlottesville, WA, August 11, 2017.

Not only did Owen refer to how moderates had a good time with national parks, she wrote, “white supremacy has deep roots in the U.S. jungle and recreation movement, which for a long time excluded colors from its national parks and green spaces.”

Her report is the latest attempt by the liberal media to add vile moderate origins and / or designs to seemingly non-political aspects of American life, including motherhood and exercise.

Owen added, “And that history has made American national parks an attractive destination for white-rights activists.”

In support of these claims of racist origins, Owens provided an example of the 19th century U.S. government expelling Native Americans from the now-Yellowstone National Park area. “In 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant removed the Yellowstone from public action and signed a declaration declaring it a place of entertainment for all to enjoy. The tribes who had lived on the land for thousands of years were forcibly abandoned by the government.”

The author explains that this racial element continued in the national parks movement, which was “due to racial concerns among some whites in the early 20th century.” Owens cites author Miles Powell in his article, “Some whites began to see themselves as a ‘dangerous species’, and conservationists saw these concerns as a rapidly disappearing natural landscape that they wanted to keep” clean “.

“These guardians have adopted compulsory immigration laws, scientific racism and eugenics,” she wrote.

As such, Owens declared, “American national parks have been touted as places where all Americans go to escape the pressures of modern life — but it does really represent whites.” She also referred to how national parks in the Jim Crow era were “white-only areas”, fueling her arguments.

Yellowstone National Park sign and entrance.

Yellowstone National Park sign and entrance.

“The racist roots of national parks in America have become an attraction to white supremacy over the years,” the author added. Chapman University Professor Pete Simini was quoted as saying, “Not only is pollution remote, unclaimed areas’ ‘uncontaminated’ —that is, non-whites.”

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These “unclaimed spaces” face “urban areas or different parts of the country,” considered “sesspools” or “s– tholes, centers of semi-moral and social decline,” Owens wrote. She added the language to former President Donald Trump, “the language was prominently repeated by then-President Donald Trump at a meeting in 2018, referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as’s — whole ‘countries.”

Owens also noted that these ideas provided the framework for “racism, the most right-wing racist ideology of the last decade that blames immigration for environmental misery.”

“White Nationalist organizer Richard Spencer lists several notorious white nationalists in Texas, Texas,” including “a mass shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand, the man who attacked two mosques and killed 51 people, and a shooter who targeted Latinos.”

Wise report links white supremacists' attachment to national parks to Nazi German siege "Pure life."(AP photo / file)

Vice Report links white supremacist attachment to national parks with Nazi Germany’s passion for “clean living” (AP photo / file)

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Owens further loosely linked that this nostalgia for environmental purity leads to the “clean-living” lifestyle of various whites, to the lifestyle of Nazi Germany. “Obsessions with a clean and hygienic lifestyle were not just dominated by American whites. Nazi Germany was very concerned about the longevity of the Aryan race and promoted a healthy lifestyle and good diet,” Owens wrote.