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The final victim of the Uvalde mass shooting has been released while being treated at a San Antonio hospital.

Maya Zamora, 10, was discharged by University Health, the hospital announced on social media with a video showing the girl leaving the hospital. She was surrounded by dozens of clapping family, friends and hospital staff.

“Today was a happy day at University Hospital! Our last patient from the Uvalde shooting, 10-year-old Maya Zamora, was discharged!” The hospital said in a tweet.

He added: “She is our hero and we can’t wait to see what she achieves in the future!”

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The hospital also shared the hashtag #MayahStrong

Maya is a student at Robb Elementary School who was injured in the May 24, 2022, shooting that killed 19 other students and two teachers. She was one of three children injured in the shooting — all girls — including another 10-year-old and a 9-year-old, KSAT reported.

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A 66-year-old woman was also injured in the firing and all four survived.