Entertainment 'Uncoupled' stars Neil Patrick Harris on the show with...

‘Uncoupled’ stars Neil Patrick Harris on the show with ‘Sex and the City’ vibes


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(CNN)Different gender, same city “uncoupled,” origin “Sex and the City” Producer Darren Starr’s vision of gay life and love is set in upper-crust New York, of the most decadently vulgar Manhattan real-estate variety. Mainly, the Netflix comedy serves as a vehicle for Neil Patrick Harris as a suddenly single protagonist, when he feels too tired to make more love connections.

When his longtime partner Colin (Tuke Watkins) announces he’s moving out, Harris’s Michael wonders what went wrong and is eager to reconcile.
At the same time, after his long bout with monogamy, he’s vaguely intrigued by the prospect of experiencing some of the pleasures he’s lost, if a little mystified about how to go about it. Indeed, times have changed since he was single, leading to many mis-signs and strange encounters, especially with some of the young children who pass through his orbit.
    Co-created by Starr and Jeffrey Richman (“Modern Family”), “Uncoupled” doesn’t quite commit to that dating-again story arc, as Michael spends time relaxing among his tight-knit group of highly successful friends, who are also shaken by the coupling; And his co-worker (Tisha Campbell), throws herself into his job selling high-end apartments because he needs the money to own one.
      It introduces a separate plot involving a wealthy and demanding woman (Marcia Gay Harden in all her eternal glory) who is getting divorced and whose business Michael desperately wants. But it’s a finely written character, raging about her husband’s midlife crisis, bonding with Michael about being alone, and behaving like a wealthy matron who swears profusely but flinches when anyone dares use profanity in the lobby.
      The multi-talented Harris has certainly secured a star vehicle after “How I Met Your Mother” and his Played various rolesBut there’s more to do with the warm nature of the material and the tone that mimics “Sex and the City” and Neil Simon.
      That’s not to say there aren’t interesting situations, but even with the more obvious standards Netflix can offer, “Uncoupled” falls far too late to feel daring.
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      The fact is that a The maid character was excised The old-sitcom-y aspects are only highlighted after an actor complains about it, which can be charitably filed under light escapism as the star’s other half-hour commands for the service. “Emily in Paris.”
        The nature of Colin’s sudden departure adds a bit of mystery to the show, but the thrust of the story isn’t exactly the earthshaking revelation that middle-aged divorce is difficult, even if the poorest man in our orbit is extremely healthy. to do.
          It may give Starr a chance to revisit his old stomping grounds through the lens of a different band of Manhattan friends, but it’s hard to escape the feeling that “Uncoupled” is the TV equivalent of reheated leftovers. Or to put it in the parlance of this elite zip code, it’s a bit like putting on a dazzling fashion show in bygone styles.
          “Uncoupled” premieres on Netflix on July 29.

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