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Ukraine continues to pledge and ship US weapons to help defend its territory, but the delay in allowing those weapons to quickly advance to the front lines has given Russia an advantage in seizing the Donbass region.

Jack Keane, head of the Institute for the Study of War, stressed that Ukraine was on a “small point” and needed more weapons to push back against Russian interests.

“[The Russians] The advantage lies in the number of guns they have, “Keane said during a presentation on Fox & Friends.” All they need are weapons.

President Biden announced last month two tranches of weapons and aid to Ukraine: the latest $ 1.2 billion package includes artillery, coastal defense weapons, ammunition and advanced rocket systems. The vast majority of those weapons come from Department of Inventory inventory, which means the department announces packages before the weapons are identified, inspected, and shipped.

Analysts widely believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin aimed to seize the Donbass region, but Russian forces sought to seize Kyiv and other major cities in a single, decisive blitzkrieg. The invasion was hampered by the fact that the Russian military faced many setbacks, including significant logistics issues.

But now Russia has changed its targets and focused only on securing the Donbass region, improving its combat capability with faster supply lines and an improved range of its heavy weapons. A former defense official told Fox News Digital that some reports indicate that “weapons are not being delivered quickly to Ukrainians.”

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“The right weapons are not getting there in time, and turning a clear victory for Ukraine into a Russian advantage – a hesitation on the 10-yard line by the West,” the official said.

It was identified by Defense Department officials Takes “many” months Those weapons reach the Ukrainian forces – specifically the Harpoon missile system, which can take weeks to transfer weapons and train troops in their use.

“Truck-mounted harpoon, in this state, in this configuration, new, right?” A defense official told reporters June 15. “That’s why it takes a while to pull systems together for full operational efficiency.”

He said Ukrainian forces needed more weapons than their allies were sending. The US has pledged to continue coordination with Ukrainian partners, as assistance continues to reach the front lines, but has not commented on specific timelines.

“We are in constant communication with our Ukrainian counterparts, discussing the developing situation and their critical needs,” Lt. Col. Anton T. Semelroth, spokesman for the Department of Defense, told Fox News Digital. “This coordination and our support for Ukraine will continue.”

Ukraine has also been reluctant to offer lethal aid to its European allies. Some European leaders – mainly German Chancellor Olaf Schlz and French President Emmanuel Macron – have called on Russia and Ukraine to end the war through peace talks rather than conflict.

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Germany, which initially delayed providing lethal assistance to Ukraine for two months before the attack, lags significantly behind other Ukraine’s allies in providing its assistance: Data from the German Think Tank The Kiel Institute This indicates that Germany lags far behind most allies in terms of both the promised aid and the amount actually delivered – almost 35% of its total commitment.

Speaking to John Roberts during an appearance on “America Reports”, Keane said, “You can see the breaks in the ranks among Europeans.” “You put the UK, the Baltics and the Poles on the Zhelensky side, which drove the Russians out of my territory.”

“You’re got French and German – they’re not there,” he continued. “They want a ceasefire wherever they are: go to talks as soon as possible, end this matter as soon as possible … any stalemate would be dramatically better for the Russians.”

Russian forces in the south of Ukraine’s ZELENSKYY pound visits the front lines as a strategically important city in the east

Keane also acknowledged that the US might be in favor of peace talks, saying “I think the United States is, to be clear, a little stronger between the two.”

That uncertainty and division in purpose and commitment sees exploitation when Russia presses its purpose to keep the Donbass region safe, while Ukrainians are struggling with declining resources and crumbling weapons.

“Russia is well aware of how far the West can go to support Ukraine between NATO and the European governments,” Rebecca Kofler, former DIA intelligence officer and consulting president of Strategy Consulting, told Fox News Digital. “Moscow has been trying for years to carry out covert intelligence operations and wage a false information war to break up NATO and deepen the rift between old Europe and New Europe.”

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Morgan Ortagus, a former State Department spokesman, argued that this was not a matter of time, but that “proper” weapons were reaching the Ukrainians.

“The delay in delivering the weapons we agreed to send was not the terrible hardships the Ukrainian fighters found themselves with – those weapons were more than enough to increase the balance on the battlefield,” Ortagus told Fox News Digital. “Unfortunately we, and no one but the Ukrainians, are learning how costly it can be when war fails.”