Monday, December 6, 2021

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UK data show better safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy

LONDON (Reuters) – The Kovid-19 vaccine is safe for pregnant women and has no major complications, according to data released by the UK Health Security Agency on Thursday, urging pregnant women to take the offer of shots.

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Real-world data from the rollout of the Kovid-19 vaccine in the UK support other studies around the world, with the UKHSA saying the vaccine is safe to give at any stage of pregnancy.

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It found that there were no significant differences in delivery rates, low birth weight infant birth rates, and premature birth rates between vaccinated women and non-vaccinated women.

Officials said the data were particularly reassuring as the first pregnant women to be vaccinated were suffering from underlying health conditions and were at higher risk of developing complications.

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“Every pregnant woman who has not yet been vaccinated should be confident of going and taking the job and this will help prevent the serious consequences of catching COVID-19 during pregnancy,” said Dr. Mary Ramsey, Immunization Head at UKHSA.

According to UKHSA data, the birth rate is 3.35 per 1,000 vaccinated women, slightly lower than the 3.60 rate per 1,000 vaccinated women.

The proportion of women who give birth prematurely is 6.51% of those who are vaccinated, and slightly more than 5.99% of those who are not vaccinated.

The government also recommends that pregnant women who have not yet been vaccinated should be vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health says that catching Kovid-19 carries far greater risks than vaccination, with only 22% of women giving birth in August being vaccinated.

It stated that 98% of pregnant women hospitalized with Kovid-19 symptoms were not vaccinated and that vaccination was low in vulnerable areas and some minority groups.

(Alistair Smoot Reporting; Angus Maxwan Editing)

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