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An autopsy found that Brianna Kupfer, the UCLA graduate student killed in a seemingly random daylight attack in Los Angeles earlier this year, was stabbed 26 times.

Kupfer, 24, was working alone at the Croft House furniture store on North La Brea Avenue on Jan. 13 when Shawn Laval Smith, 31, walked into the store just after 1 a.m. and fatally stabbed her, police said.

An autopsy report found extensive injuries on Kupfer’s body, including 11 stab wounds to her chest, five to her left arm, three to her left leg and one to her abdomen. Her body had two stab wounds each on her stomach, right leg and right arm.

Police said Smith fled the scene after the attack. He was later arrested and charged with murder.

Who is Brianna Kupfer, the Los Angeles stabbing victim?

Fox News has learned that the criminal proceedings have been suspended as the District Attorney’s Office awaits the results of Smith’s mental health evaluation, which was initiated by his legal defense.

Smith has an extensive criminal history, including gun charges. Earlier also he had attacked a police officer.

Kupfer had worked at a high-end furniture store for about a year before her murder, her father, Todd Kupfer, previously told Fox News.

During a press conference in January, the Los Angeles Police Department described the January 13 attack as “random.”

Briana Kupfer sends ominous text to pal before stabbing her

Lt. John Radke said Smith initially hovered around the store for a few minutes before walking out. Smith returned a short time later, entered the store and fatally stabbed Kupfer.

Radtke also said at the press conference that Kupfer noticed Smith’s unusual activity and sent a text to a friend saying there was a creepy man outside the store moments before she was killed.

“She sent a text to a friend and let her know there was someone in the place giving her a bad vibe,” he said. “Unfortunately, the person didn’t see the text right away.”

The friend said he saw the message about 15 minutes later, although police said Kupfer was killed within 10 minutes of sending it.

Radtke said a customer later found Kufer lying on the floor, lifeless, covered in blood.

Father of slain UCLA grad student blames politicians for crime spike

Kupfer was pursuing a graduate degree in interior design at UCLA at the time of her murder, her father said.

“In many ways, [Brianna] She embodied all that is great about Los Angeles, and the entire city must mourn this senseless act,” the family said. “Brianna was a smart, funny, driven and kind soul who only wanted to do the best for herself and her community every day. support.”

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Prior to UCLA, Kupfer attended Brentwood High School and graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in public relations.

Fox News’ Rebecca Rosenberg contributed to this report.