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The Wyoming candidate, who is seeking to oust Liz Cheney, the Republican nominee in the Republican primary for Congress, says the current Congress woman is trying to secure her political career by seeking Democratic votes.

Harriet Heigmann, who is seeking Wyoming’s only seat in the House, responded to a Fox News report in a statement after the New York Times reported that Cheney was urging Democrats to switch parties to vote in next month’s Republican primaries. Many Democrats received mailers from Cheney’s campaign, with suggestions from the New York Times to switch parties. Reported Thursday.

“Liz Cheney promised that she would not encourage Democrats to attack the Republican primary, but again, she vowed to represent Wyoming faithfully and she also broke that promise,” Hageman said.

Hageman, a Trump-backed Cheney primary challenger, has made more than $ 1.3 million in the past three months.

Challenger Harriet Hageman and Wyoming spokeswoman Liz Cheney

Challenger Harriet Hageman and Wyoming spokeswoman Liz Cheney
(Fox News Channel; AP Photo / Amanda Android-Rhodes)

“Democrats do not like Liz Cheney, they dismiss her as useless as the attacking dog on the committee on Jan. 6, and she’s fired all her ties with Republicans, so she’s not really effective in Wyoming… Hageman added.

A section on the Cheney campaign Website “How do I change my party affiliation to register as a Republican so I can vote for Liz?” Answers the question. The website directs visitors to forms that change their party affiliation for up to 14 days from the primary election on August 2.

“You can also change your party affiliation at your polling station on the day of the primary or general election or when requesting an absentee ballot,” the Cheney website said.

In FebruarySpeaking to the Cheney Times, he said the Democrats’ demand that the parties switch sides to support him has been the talk of the town.

“It’s not something I thought, I managed or I will manage,” Cheney said at the time, “I will work hard for every single vote.”

Trump-targeted Chennai announces Conservative credentials in re-election bid in first TV ad this year

Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., January 6 Her opening remarks on the Committee

Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., January 6 Her opening remarks on the Committee
(AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite)

Hageman, who was approved by former President Donald Trump, made Cheney’s role on the Jan. 6 committee a key part of his campaign.

The committee said in a hearing this month that Trump’s supporters not only instigated the January 6, 2021 violent attack on the Capitol in Washington, DC, but also instigated the intrusion into the building as Congress confirmed the 2020 election results. .

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Cheney and the January 6 committee said Trump’s rejection of the 2020 election results and his unsupported belief that only massive fraud could bring President Joe Biden victory was a serious threat to democracy.

Cheney declared himself a constitutional conservative who fought against disability control and government occupation for the “daily Wyoming lights”.