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For decades, Christians have called on the Supreme Court to repeal Roy v. Wade. We have a wholehearted religious belief that life begins from conception, so it is just as important to save the lives of our loved ones and neighbors as it is to save the lives of those who will be born. However, it is contrary to Jesus’ message of love and helping those in need, such as celebrating the Supreme Court decision and calling it a day in the Dobs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

The lives of women and children who will be forever affected by this decision will have value and this begs the question: what is the Christian answer to unwanted pregnancy? Hope so.

Pro-life activists have reacted against the Supreme Court's decision to rescind Roy v. Wade.

Pro-life activists have reacted against the Supreme Court’s decision to rescind Roy v. Wade.
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We must provide hope and opportunity to every woman in crisis. Hence, prior to the recent Supreme Court decision, our Ministry has invested tens of millions of dollars in the Sanctuary of Hope, a state-of-the-art facility for women who choose life for their unborn child. And we assure you that theirs is not a life of poverty and hardship, but a life that you or I want to build. Beautiful life filled with real opportunity for a brighter future.

Supreme Court Roy v. Wade dismissed the opinion

The woman who arrives at the sanctuary of hope does not care until her child is born and then thrown into the world. On average, these women stay with us for almost two years. In addition to meeting every basic need such as food, shelter, medical care and prenatal care, we help them get their feet back on track by helping them build a sustainable foundation for a better life.

Anti-abortion protesters celebrate outside the United States Supreme Court as the court rules in the Dobbs v Women's Health Organization abortion case, overturning the Landmark Roy v Wade abortion decision in Washington on June 24, 2022.

Anti-abortion protesters celebrate outside the United States Supreme Court on June 24, 2022, in Washington, D.C.
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Every woman who comes through us has the opportunity to get at least an associate degree so that they have a good career. They receive child care after their child is born so that they can succeed in their educational endeavors. They receive counseling because so many people come to us suffering from abuse and neglect. They have access to life-skills training and optional advance and post-adoption support if they choose. And above all, they will not be judged, they will not be condemned and they will not be ridiculed. They love everyone around them and we ask nothing in return. Jesus’ love is unconditional, it must be ours too.

Christians must work hard to oppose Roy v. Wade to establish real sanctuaries for women in crisis across the country.

Many states, including my home state of Texas, have effectively banned abortion because of the Supreme Court decision. Whether we like it or not, the black market industry arises when the government bans what the people want. We are well aware of the terrible things of back-alley abortions. Ensuring that this does not happen is the responsibility of those who support the Supreme Court’s ruling, and the only way to do this is for Christian ministries in the country to offer the same love and opportunity to women in crisis at the Sanctuary of Hope. .

Christians must work hard to oppose Roy v. Wade to establish real sanctuaries for women in crisis across the country. Companies that have raised millions of dollars with the goal of reducing abortions by law, should take the same time, money and effort and now focus on reducing abortions by providing unconditional love and opportunity.

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Moreover, the change in the law does not ultimately mean that women will not have a choice in this context. Sadly, some are still risking their lives to commit illegal abortions. Others go to states where abortion is legal.

If the choice is between poverty and poverty or abortion, many will still choose the latter. Government action does not change anything. So Christians must give these women a real choice. We must ask them to abide by the law, to have their child and to build a prosperous life.

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In the context of the Dobs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, any Christian organization that tolerates itself rather than doing the work necessary to show that abortion for women in the country – legal or otherwise – is not their only real choice. Life.

Life begins when you are pregnant, but it does not end there. Now Roy v. The actual work begins when the wade is inverted.

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