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Not surprisingly, the New York State Department of Education quickly denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning schools have been made more than once.

After two years of school closures, masked orders, social divisions – and the devastating educational and developmental damage it causes to students – the state’s Democrat leadership clearly knew how angry parents would be to know they preferred taxpayer dollars to pedal this radical ideology. Therefore, their playbook is to divert, label, and assert the existence of CRT in the primary and secondary classes as an indisputable fact.

Still look no further than Monroe County, where students from the West Irondequite Central School District were required to participate in an anti-racism curriculum project to learn the “contemporary reality of structural racism.” Earlier this school year, students at Lower Manhattan Community School were racially segregated “to undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country or to influence the school community.” Make no mistake, classifying and defining students according to their race is state-sanctioned racism.

The National Education Association – the largest teacher organization in the country and the largest donor to the Democrat campaign – has officially recognized the teaching of CRT and is committed to protecting the ability of American children to teach it. In fact, if the CRT only exists in the graduate school lounge, a strange embrace. CRT is clearly popular among far-left thinkers who occupy a large part of the educational ecosystem.

CRT Link then slapped Randy Wengarton for asking for more cowardly funding

So how does today’s Democrats try to calm their fundamentalist base and not dig deeper into the confidence they have lost with American parents?

It’s simple – they push this divisive and discriminatory ideology through an array of seemingly mild words. Our children are now experiencing a “variable SEL” [social and emotional learning]”Which” is promoted as “a way to integrate the lens of clear equity and social justice” and includes “examining prejudice and prejudice” and “preventing and resisting inequality”. Culturally responsive and sustainable education or “CRSE” The system seeks to eliminate “prejudices and inequalities rooted in our country’s history, culture and institutions” and encourages teachers to “act as agents of social change to address historical and contemporary oppression.”

And then there’s corporate America’s favorite, diversity, equality, and inclusion, or “DEI,” which is designed to “go beyond the systemic racism that defines American institutions.” To explain why these terms are without any traditional meaning, the New York Department of Education sought to avoid federal liability for the lowest performing schools in the name of advancing DEI – and to turn a blind eye to low-income and minority permanent failing schools. The communities they serve.

Fortunately, parents are very smart for this game. When they see two- or three-year-olds labeled racist because of their skin color, parents realize that this is fundamentally wrong and non-American. When they hear that students are being forced to walk away from privileges or apologize for their “white crime,” parents know that they are only trying to define and divide children by race. When it comes to attacking the quality and the constitutional guarantee of equality under the law, parents know that it is an outrageous idea that Americans of all racial backgrounds should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Tell me what you think, this radical ideology is not in the classroom.

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The solution to this duplicity and fraud is complete transparency. This includes transparency in school curricula, materials, teacher training sessions and agreements with outside vendors. Let New York parents decide for themselves whether it’s CRT, whether it’s the right use of taxpayer dollars, and whether they want to teach it to their daughters and sons.

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Meanwhile, New York’s Department of Education and the extreme left’s state leadership’s refusal to provide transparency should tell parents everything they need to know.

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