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First on Fox: Spotlighting a new website Rich and powerful executives Swinging through the revolving door of the Biden administration.

Created the company’s new website, Inside Bidings Basement, Interactive website and a searchable database for information on a long list of administrative officers.

“Since Joe Biden took office less than a year ago, the American people have faced one crisis after another,” Derrick Holy, director of Biden Basement Communications, told Fox News Digital. “Record gas prices were ruthlessly ignored and advised to buy Tesla.”

Top Biden Advisor Anita Dunn Skirts 3rd in Ethics Rules: Watchdog Biden highlights the wealthy and powerful administrative executives passing through the White House Revolving Door. Biden highlights the wealthy and powerful administrative executives passing through the White House Revolving Door.
(AP photo / Caroline Coaster, file)

“The president’s statements are constantly ‘running backwards.’ Many wonder who is actually responsible?” Holly continued. “The Inside Bidens Basement is now available to expose the authorities responsible for pushing America into a ditch.”

“Bookmark our site and visit often when we’ve come out with new analytics and public records that bring transparency to the darkest times in American history,” the former Trump administration official added.

Holly said The website is updated every week With new information and some officials are registered foreign agents, as well as special government employees.

“Wondering who is running your government? Inside Biden Basement you: Find thousands of staff records for Biden Administration staff,” the website reads. “Use our database to search for them by name, former employer and agency.”

“Discover their links to outside special interest groups with business fronting government, how many of them are political insiders passing through the revolving door, and who have made fortunes most of us can only dream of,” the website continues. also has a basement filled with facts about the Biden administration, shining a flashlight on visual gags like the Nonfungible Token (NFT) from the popular Board Apes Yacht Club brand.

The database also contains information on hundreds of Biden administration officials from agencies in the executive branch.

501 (c) 4, within the Bidens Basement, a company derived from the Transparency Action Fund.

Holley himself is a former Trump administration official who previously worked at the Department of Transportation.

Anita Dunn's multiple stints at the Biden White House have received scrutiny from ethical experts.

Anita Dunn’s multiple stints in the Biden White House have drawn scrutiny from ethics experts.
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The Biden White House has long held up the current administration as an example of government morality, but the story of the tape tells a different story.

An example of how Biden Administration confronts ethics scrutiny is the way Anita Dunn, a presidential adviser, cycled in and out of the White House. Dunn is currently in her third job in the West Wing and has not yet filed her financial disclosure form.

Dunn’s return to the White House prompted an ethics complaint from the government watchdog organization Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), and former President Barack Obama’s ethics chief, Walter Schaub, censured her earlier this month.

Schoub Dunn described the “third round by the White House as the ugly sign of business as usual in Washington.”

“Like many previous administrations, it is very convenient to invite effective peddlers through the revolving door and in the case of Dunn that door is locked on a high-speed spin bicycle,” Schaub said in a statement. “The last two times they have exposed public finance and set a lower wage than the threshold for many ethical purposes, despite her high impact, they are showing that they see ethics as just a set of technical rules that should be played out.”

“Biden may have achieved his goal of being more ethical than Trump, but that’s a low bar and I don’t think ethics is among the top 999 things he cares about,” added Obama’s former ethics chief.

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Another ethical pitfall facing the Biden administration is her financial interests in electric vehicles, which she promoted in her official capacity as Cabinet secretary.

Still, as the administration moves forward in Biden’s first term, government ethics don’t appear to be at the forefront of the president’s mind.