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A Circuit Court judge in Loudoun County, Virginia, filed a lawsuit Thursday against a circuit court judge for “deliberately misleading the court and the public.”

“Ms. Bibraj’s behavior is totally indecent for both a plaintiff and a court official. Judge Ploman’s order is an undermining accusation of immorality of the Commonwealth Attorney General and the integrity of the judiciary. We hope the Virginia Bar will recognize this. Has been fired, “Sean Kennedy, president of Virginia for Safe Communities, said in a nonprofit press release on Thursday.

The Virginians for Safe Communities on Thursday filed a formal complaint with the Virginia State Bar against Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj for Loudoun County for “violating business ethics under the Virginia State Bar Code of Conduct.” The complaint “requested a formal investigation and appropriate approval, which may include barring her from practicing the law.”

Earlier this month, Lodon County Circuit Court Judge James Ploman ruled that Biberaj’s entire office could be “sold out” in a series of burglary cases to “deliberately mislead the court and the public.” Prior to Biberaj’s election in 2019, Ploman had previously served as Loudon Commonwealth’s attorney,

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Kevin Enrique Valle, a suspect in 12 burglary cases in North Virginia

Kevin Enrique Valle, a suspect in 12 burglary cases in North Virginia
(Fox 5)

The case relates to burglary suspect Kevin Enrique Valle, who has been charged with three counts of vandalism and two counts of burglary after a burglary last May.

Vallee received a six-month courtesy agreement from Bibraj’s office, but Plowman said prosecutor Michelle Burton offered the contract, reducing Vallee’s previous criminal history and not including other burglary charges against him.

The judge said the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office’s plea agreement states that the offenses were committed within hours of last year, which he said was “completely wrong” because Valle had “a. Possible 12 burglary offenses Spread over four counties in 10 days. “

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Ploman said the plaintiff in the lawsuit showed she was unable to conduct the lawsuit “consistent with business standards.”

“Bibraj and the Office of the Attorney General of Loudoun County Commonwealth The record of this case has been removed from the case and disqualified as a lawyer, “the judge wrote.

Button Biberage, Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney (Loudoun County, Virginia)

Button Biberage, Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney (Loudoun County, Virginia)
(Loudon County, Virginia)

The bar’s complaint on Thursday states that the Virginia State Bar states that “a lawyer must not knowingly give a true or false statement of law to a tribunal” and that “this is a professional misconduct for a lawyer: involving dishonesty, fraud, fraud or misrepresentation which Adversely, a lawyer’s ability to practice law is adversely affected. “

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“If the bar does not take appropriate action, the citizens of Loudoun County will exercise their right to initiate eviction proceedings by petition. Virginians are committed to safe communities.” [to] Restoring public safety and the integrity of our criminal justice system in Loudon County. This can only be achieved by removing Ms. Biberaj from office, “added Kennedy, whose nonprofit is leading efforts to recall Biberaj.

The state’s Republican Attorney General Jason Miares on Monday sent a letter to the chief justice for the 20th Judicial Circuit saying his office was ready to help and prosecute “considering this unprecedented development.”

Virginia Republican Attorney General candidate Jason Meyers is speaking during a rally in support of Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Virginia Republican Attorney General candidate Jason Meyers is speaking during a rally in support of Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin.
(Photo by Zac Gibson / Getty Images)

Biberaj told Miares at a news conference Tuesday to “stay in your alley” and announced that she would appeal Plowman’s order to the Virginia Supreme Court.

“They must have directed the circuit court in Loudoun County to rescind that order because they had no authority and, importantly, the parties did not have a chance to be heard,” Bibraj said.

Bibraj’s office did not respond to a request for comment on Fox News Digital’s formal complaint against her. Her office released a statement later Thursday stating that the complaint was “another bogus political stunt.”

“This is another bogus political stunt by a paid right-wing activist who doesn’t even live in Loudoun County,” Bibraj said in a statement. “These political actors were not visible in the last election and they continue to ignore the electorate in this community. These baseless attacks will continue to fail. We will continue to protect our victims, reduce crime and save our taxpayers millions of dollars. “

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In a response to Fox News Digital, Kennedy said Bibraj’s “ad hominem attacks on private citizens are shocking but not surprising.”

Kennedy continued, “She is deceiving the public and removing any blame for her actions.” “Biberaj’s actions are clearly a violation of her business ethics and a serious breach of public trust. Unlike Mrs. Biberaj, who received $ 922,000 in campaign funding from George Soros, no officer, board member, supporter or volunteer received a single penny as compensation. We just have to work. “