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The governor’s office announced Friday that the director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will step down as superior court judge.

Governor Brian Kemp has appointed Vic Reynolds, who has been GBI director since February 2019, to serve on the Cobb County Superior Court. Prior to his appointment as Director of the GBI, Reynolds served as Cobb County District Attorney and previously served as a police officer in Cobb County, Chief Magistrate Judge and attorney in private practice.

As director of the GBI, Reynolds oversaw the investigation that led to allegations of three whites chasing and killing Ahmed Arbury. As Cobb County District Attorney, he led a high-level prosecution of Justin Ross Harris, whose murder charge was dropped Wednesday for leaving his son in a hot car. The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that prosecutors have introduced evidence related to Harris’ sexual activity, which is “extremely and unjustly biased.”

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Georgia's GBI is set to become a judge in the Supreme Court.

Georgia’s GBI is set to become a judge in the Supreme Court.

Kemp Julie Adams Jacobs was appointed judge of the Cobb County Superior Court. She has been the Deputy Attorney General of the Commercial Transactions and Litigation Division of the Jacobs State Attorney General’s Office since 2003.

She is responsible for managing the state government’s financial and property interests in the areas of business and finance, taxation, real estate, construction and transportation. She has also represented state agencies and authorities on a variety of issues.

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