Politics The Forward Party: 3 political factions merge to form...

The Forward Party: 3 political factions merge to form a new party led by Yang, Whitman


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A new political party called Forward was launched on Thursday.

The party, which describes itself as a centrist party, is co-chaired by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and former Republican New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman.

“Established to revitalize a fair, prosperous economy and open society where everyone can live well and be safe where we learn, work and live,” According to its website.

Reuters first reported on the formation of the party.

Yang said in a video post The party wants to “solve the problems that are literally driving us crazy.”

The Forward Party is being formed through a merger of three political factions that emerged in recent years as a reaction to “America’s increasingly polarized and gridlocked political system.”

The three parties are the Renew America Movement, formed in 2021 by former Republican officials, the Forward Party, formed by Yang, and the All America Movement, a coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and independents led by former Republican Rep. David Jolley of Florida.

Yang, Whitman and Jolley said Washington Post op-ed Wednesday that “the United States desperately needs a new political party — one that reflects the moderate, common-sense majority.”

The party has stated on its website It has three main priorities:

  • Free People: “Revive a culture that celebrates difference and individual choice, rejects hate, and breaks down barriers so that each of us can rise to our full potential.”
  • Prosperous Communities: “Reinvigorate a fair, prosperous economy and open society where everyone can live a good life and where we learn, work and live are safe.”
  • Vibrant Democracy: “Change our republic to give Americans more choices in elections, more faith in government that works, and more say in our future.”

Part of the party’s requirement is “diverse thinking”. He also treats people with “kindness and tolerance”. its website said.

The new party will hold events in various cities across the country in the fall to talk about its agenda and garner support, Reuters reported.

Most Americans want a third party:Could a third-party candidate win the White House in 2024? Paleologos on voting

Yang, who also ran for mayor of New York City in 2020, left the Democratic Party in October 2021. He ran his presidential campaign on the idea of ​​universal income.

Whitman served as New Jersey’s first female governor from 1994-2001.

The news comes as recent Suffolk University and USA Today polls show that most Americans prefer a third-party candidate to a Democrat or Republican.

Yang resigned from the Democratic Party:Andrew Yang left the Democratic Party, registering as an independent

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