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National Border Patrol Council VP Art del Queto called on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to declare an “attack” on the southern border.

Del Queto joined “Fox and Friends First” on Wednesday, and after several counties did so, the state declared an attack to explain what it meant.

“It’s all about catching and releasing a lot. Everyone is overwhelmed and someone needs to do something about it,” he told host Carly Shimkus.

Many Texas County Announcing Tuesday that the migration crisis on the southern border is an “invasion,” Fox News has learned, could lead to similar announcements across the state.

DHS Secretary Mayorcas is seen blaming immigrants after 53 people were found dead in a Texas truck.

Former director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Russ Vought and former acting deputy DHS secretary Ken Cusinelli, both now at the Center for Renewing America, have called on the governor to make the announcement and use combat force to order the illegal removal of Arizona police or the National Guard. Is done. Immigrated to Mexico automatically.

He pointed to the language in Article I of the Constitution, which allows states to “engage in war” when they are “actually under attack, or in danger of not accepting a delay without congressional approval.” He also noted that Article IV states that the US “protects everyone [state] Against aggression. “

Del Queto said declaring an attack could give more access to resources for communities affected by large-scale migration. He also emphasized the potential for drug cartels to thrive due to distances along the southern border.

“You need to be able to deport some of these people. And like I said, if the federal government isn’t doing something about it at the moment, then someone needs to do something. You can’t just fly a white flag. That’s the bottom line.”

Del Queto said Border Patrol was overloaded and said Texas “must have declared the attack long ago.”

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott joins state & local officials in Eagle Pass to announce expansion of Texas' ongoing border security operations

Texas Governor Greg Abbott joins state & local officials in Eagle Pass to announce expansion of Texas’ ongoing border security operations
(Texas Governor’s Office)

Del Queto concluded that immigrants are encouraged to do so under the current system and will continue to do so.

“Many of these individuals are getting the message that they just want to cross, turn themselves into agents, claim some form of asylum and be released into the United States. Their actions will have no effect.”

Adam Shaw of Fox News contributed to this report