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Texas Sheriffs are issuing stern warnings on the border crisis, arguing that “the tide is rising” as critics claim the “invasion” is spiraling out of control.

Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd and Val Verde County Commissioner Beau Natalton joined “Fox and Friends First” and discussed how some counties declared an “invasion” in a petition for additional resources.

“Governor Abbott has helped secure the border and protect Texas more than any governor in the history of the state of Texas, but we’re seeing an unprecedented event and we’re going to take steps beyond what we’ve done so far,” Boyd told co-host Carly Schmidt.

Sarah Carter criticized the Biden administration’s failures on the southern border

“We were immersed in the work that came to us as a result of the cartel activities in our county,” he continued. “Governor Abbott gave us a lifeline, prevented us from drowning, but the tide is rising and we have to do more because with the resources they have provided us and the cooperatives we have developed, what we have found is that the work continues. The manpower is at its maximum. “

The number of people trying to enter the United States illegally from Mexico rose in May from a year earlier, U.S. border officials said Wednesday.

The number of people trying to enter the United States illegally from Mexico rose in May compared to a year ago, U.S. border officials said Wednesday.

The pair lashed out at Governor Greg Abbott over his efforts to deal with the crisis, but warned that more needs to be done as drugs and illegal immigration continue in the state.

Several border countries have declared retaliatory attacks, in the hope that they will gain the support and resources needed to stop the flow.

“It’s a very dangerous situation when you’re as remote as some of our landowners and the ability to enforce the law sometimes takes hours, so they’re kind of in themselves,” Nettalton said.

“The area here is so vast and so vast that you can’t get enough law enforcement everywhere to be able to protect American citizens who are out on this ranch and trying to survive.” He continued.

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Kinney County Sheriff Brad Co lashed out at the governor for his efforts on “Fox and Friends,” but made it clear that the federal government deliberately ignored him.

“I hate to say that, but I think we’re being punished because Texas went for Trump,” Coe said.

Koi noted that while Abbott’s efforts are being appreciated, sheriffs in Lone Star State are currently carrying the load.