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Summer Begins – New York Times


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Summer begins in the northern hemisphere at 5:14 am ET Tuesday. It’s the longest day of 2022, and a good reason to linger outdoors to welcome the season that poet Amy Lowell has called “the crowning glory of nature’s mercurial year / When all her hectic life gathers momentum.”

However, don’t wait for Tuesday. Start the weekend with a bottle of rosé or choose one of our summer drinks for non-drinkers. Nicole A. Taylor has several recipes for Sunday June, including Grilled Chicken with Peach Jam and Molasses, and Strawberry Sumac Pie.

It’s also Father’s Day on Sunday. If you’re looking for gifts, my colleagues at Wirecutter and T Magazine have ideas.

I welcome summer clichés—sunny days on the beach and mosquito bites, pool parties and camping trips—with open arms and heart. We are still trying to get out of what seemed like an endless winter. It’s nice to open the windows, let in sunlight and a warm breeze.

I hope to make it to the beach, stopping first at a bookstore to pick up a couple of books from Leila Slimani’s Parisian reading list. (First, Vernon Subutex 1 by Virginie Depentes.) If you’re planning a trip to Paris this summer, be sure to check out our travel guide for what’s new and check out the challenges of traveling at European airports.

If you’re a house cat, take a look at Jeff Bridges as an ex-spy in the FX thriller The Old Man. And try to get some rest this weekend. While summer is good for sunset picnics and lemonade stands, it can be less pleasant for sleep.

Big plans for the summer? Small plans for the summer? Tell me about them.

🍿 Black Phone (Friday): The horror movie season is all year round for me, but there has always been something especially beautiful about sitting in a cold cinema in the summer and watching it. Chill to chill. In this ghost story, the great Ethan Hawke plays a kidnapper. “Black phone” right in my wheelhouse. Watch trailerand decide if it belongs to you.

📚 Fire Island (on sale now): In the summer, Long Island’s south coast has a long stretch of land that comes to life – pristine beaches with dunes and no cars (trust me!). It’s called Fire Island, and its history is deep, as Jack Parlett describes in his new book, which our reviewer called “an age-old chronicle of queer life” on the island. Pair that with the romantic comedy of the same name currently streaming on Hulu, which offers a hilarious summer version of Pride and Prejudice.

🎧 “Honestly, Nevermind”, Drake (no longer): Right after Beyoncé blew up and basically said, “You know what, no more surprises for me — my next one is out in six weeks, see you then,” Drake decided to drop his last one out of the blue. When first met, The Times described it as “a fragrant mood – something between a DJ mix and one very long song.”

Sunday is Father’s Day, and if you’re planning to celebrate dear old dad by making him dinner, these sweet and savory pork chops in boiled mustard glaze it might just be a thing. Ali Slagle’s recipe is extremely simple and perfect: just fry the chops in a little oil, then, while they rest, make a quick sauce for the pan with good fruit preserves and a large spoonful of mustard. Use not too sweet jam (like my favorite orange marmalade) and a large whole grain mustard that will crack nicely when chewed. Serve with dad’s favorite starch (mashed potatoes, noodles, rice, whatever he likes) and a big green salad. Many grateful hugs are sure to follow.

The New York Times Recipe Collection is available to all readers. Please consider Cooking Subscription for full access.

Hunting: They had a $400,000 budget for Upper Manhattan. What house did they choose? Play our game.

US Open at The Country Club in Brooklyn, Massachusetts: The third major golf season has additional drama. For the first time, PGA players are sharing a course with those who have defected to the new Saudi-backed LIV Golf. And while the crowd may be too polite to scoff, some players don’t: Rory McIlroy, a four-time world champion, said older golfers who have joined the LIV admit “their best days are behind them.” And the younger ones? “Choose the easy way.” Noon today and Sunday on NBC.

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