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Georgia’s Democratic governor nominee Stacy Abrams on Sunday declined to say whether she believes abortions should be restricted or whether she believes abortion is acceptable for up to nine months, saying it was a “medical decision” and should not be political.

In a “Fox News Sunday” interview, Abrams said on Friday that she was responding to the Supreme Court’s ruling quashing Roy vs. Wade and urged her whether she believed there should be any restrictions on abortion.

“I believe abortion is a medical decision, and it is chosen between a doctor and a woman and her family in consultation,” Abrams said. “But the challenge we have is to keep it in the political arena. It’s a medical decision. And medical choices should be made by what’s best for that woman. And what’s best is their doctor’s advice.”

In a later interview, “Fox News Sunday” anchor Martha McCullum asked Abrams about the lives and safety of children, prompting Republican Georgian Governor Brian Kemp to criticize Abrams for “refusing to expand medical services in the state of Georgia.”

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Stacey Abrams, Georgia's Democratic governor nominee, did not say what restrictions she supported on abortion.

Stacey Abrams, Georgia’s Democratic governor nominee, did not say what restrictions she supported on abortion.
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“He refuses to support women at every stage of their lives when they are trying to make the best choices for themselves and their families,” Abrams said. “And the reality is, if we care about medicine, if we care about the medical needs of women, especially black women, we have to care all the time.”

McCullum followed up to rewrite her first question about whether Abrams would support an abortion for up to 9 months and was asked at what point Abrams would begin to care about the baby’s life.

“I’m saying it’s a medical decision. I do not know of a single woman who has reached a stage where this decision is easy. It’s not so. So it’s a medical conversation. And we’m absolutely compelled to have these difficult conversations when they are, they should not be political.”

“I must not make decisions without a real understanding of the facts, and no other politician should,” the Georgia Democrat continued. “It’s not a political issue. It’s a medical issue.”

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Georgia Democratic Governorial nominee Stacey Abrams warns businesses looking to do business in Georgia "Consider the risk very real" Republican Gov. Brian Kemp poses against women in Georgia when abortion ban comes into force.

Georgia’s Democratic Governor’s nominee Stacey Abrams has warned businesses looking to do business in Georgia to “take the risk very realistically” thrown by Republican Governor Brian Kemp on women in Georgia if the abortion ban goes into effect.
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When asked if Abrams was saying women should be allowed abortion for up to 9 months, the Georgia Democrat said, “I did not say that.”

“I said it’s a medical decision. And medical decisions must be made in context. It’s a strange approach that seeks to refute the whole argument. In fact, abortion and reproductive care are personal. “I have no experience or ability to know what is going on with others.”

Abrams appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday and asked if she would trust businesses to withdraw their operations from Georgia if the abortion ban went into effect.

“Whether you are a businessman or a citizen thinking about being in Georgia, I would tell anyone to consider very seriously the risk that Brian Kemp poses to the life and welfare of women in the state,” Abrams said.

“Manipulation of Rowe is a direct result of decades of strategy for women reproductive health care and the removal of complete autonomy over our bodies,” Abrams tweeted Saturday. “As governor, I will veto any anti-choice law and work to repeal existing anti-election legislation.”

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The Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday, which effectively concludes recognizing abortion as a constitutional right, came after last month’s signaling that the draft opinion would be repealed.