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The Supreme Court is expected to unveil the much-anticipated vote on religious freedom this week after removing a former high school football coach for praying on a football field.

Former high school football coach Joe Kennedy and First Liberty Institute lawyer Hiram Sassar joined “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday to discuss the upcoming decision and how Sports Illustrated targeted the veterans before the announcement.

“I’ve fought in the Marine Corps for 20 years defending the Constitution, and I think I’m still doing it,” Kennedy told co-host Pete Hegseth. “If …Sports Illustrated or one of them wants me to meet in the octagon and fight the right fight, I’m in it and they can write whatever they want about anything else.”

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The fire broke out when Sports Illustrated tweeted that a decision in favor of Kennedy would be a “decay” of American democracy.

“Depending on how it is written … it … can provide comprehensive protection not only to public school staff but also to a large number of public servants,” Sasser said. “It could affect millions of Americans and their right to be able to share their faith in private settings or just pray at meal time without discrimination.”

The pair expressed optimism about the possibility of a result in favor of the former coach and hope that Kennedy will return to the field for the upcoming football season.

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“We’re really optimistic that the coaches can win,” Sasser said. “We asked for something very small, so that the coaches could pray quietly after the game.

“If we can win it, it will be fantastic and the coaches will be back on the field for this upcoming season,” he added.

The Supreme Court still has a number of opinions before the summer vacation begins.