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Democratic spokeswoman Wall Demings, a former Orlando police chief, called the police “just crazy” in a new promotional commercial launched this week, challenging Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio to a high-level challenge. Shares, and expensive Senate race.

But Rubio – who was approved by another major law enforcement agency on Friday – criticized Demings for not backing down against the idea of ​​defending police two summers “when it’s really important, when they set fire to cars”.

Deming, who has been in law enforcement for nearly three decades, rose through the ranks as Orlando’s first female police chief, having identified her criminal fight resume in her latest promotional commercial.

Rubio focused on convicting the former police chief

“Protect and serve Florida – I did the same as police officer and chief,” Demings said on a statewide TV spot, backed by a massive eight-digit ad purchase.

“I’m going to protect Florida in the Senate from bad ideas like cheating the police. That’s silly work,” she stressed. “It’s time to send a cop to the Senate in Florida – Beatle.”

And the Demings campaign has received support from law enforcement, Orange County Sheriff John Mina, former Orlando Chief of Police, Demings “always supports the police … she’s definitely not soft on criminals. She’s tough. She’s tough. It’s fair to people, too. “

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However, Rubio and the head of the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police, a 24,000-member body, approved of Rubio at an event in Orlando on Friday, after Demings’ comments in 2020 about a proposal she’s made in 2020 – lost a year later – were used to defend a white man named George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The police department was changed in the wake of the murder of a police officer. And they also criticized her past support for correcting Demings’ deserving immunity, a legal principle that protects police officers from litigation over what they do in the beat, while critics protect law enforcement from accountability.

“Wall Demings called it ideological. It’s one of the most irresponsible and most clearly politically explicit statements from a law enforcement officer,” said Steve Jonah, president of the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police. Support for GOP officers and candidates.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio approved by the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police on June 17, 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio approved by the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police on June 17, 2022 in Orlando, Florida.
(Marco Rubio Senate campaign)

Demonstrates support for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act 2021, which includes provisions to remove the immunity that police are entitled to, and was passed by the House through party ranks, but died in the Senate, a congressional woman who “voted to remove law enforcement,” Jonah said. Qualified immunity. If this happens it will be an immense disaster. Wall Demings left law enforcement when we needed her the most. “

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Rubio, who campaigned that “we are basically approved by every law enforcement team in the state,” was questioned about pushing Demings against defending the police in his new commercial.

“Why didn’t she say in 2020?” The senator asked. “When they talk about burning down police cars and stopping police in 2020, why are wall demings instead of saying it’s a thoughtful idea.”

Representative Wall Demings is facing Senator Marco Rubio in the Florida midterm elections.

Representative Wall Demings is facing Senator Marco Rubio in the Florida midterm elections.
(Greg Nash / Pool by REUTERS)

The Demings campaign did not directly discuss Congress woman support for a police reform bill that would have qualified immunity.

But they say “Demings spent 27 years in the Orlando Police Department, three years as the department’s chief of police. Marco Rubio patrolled the streets for violent criminals wearing her bullet – proof shirt while planning her political career.”

And they say “Rubio wants to do more than just say anything in this race: a choice between the police in Beatle and a professional politician who has special interests and big money donors rather than the best for Florida.”

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Although Demings topped Rubio in fundraising, both candidates dragged in plenty of campaign cash and their Senate showdown could be the most expensive this cycle.

But the Democrats face a historic headwind and a difficult political climate in this cycle as they try to defend their House and Senate majorities. And Florida, once the battleground state of the top general election, has recently turned red. Top non-partisan politicians with disabilities have rated the Florida Senate race a Lean Republican.