Politics Report: There were rifles earlier than police knew in...

Report: There were rifles earlier than police knew in Wowalde


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UVALDE, Texas (AP) – Several police officers armed with rifles and at least one ballistic shield waited in the school hall for nearly an hour, while a gunman massacred 19 elementary students and two teachers, according to news reports Monday. Report indicating the latest embarrassing revelation about the failure of law enforcement to prevent an attack.

Officers with heavy ammunition and tactical equipment arrived within 19 minutes of Gunman’s arrival on campus – earlier than previously known, according to review documents. Austin American-Statesman And KVUE-TV.

The outlet report, which did not indicate the source of the documents, intensified the anguish and questions about why police did not act quickly to stop the May 24 murder in the Rob Elementary School classroom.

The information will be submitted to a public Texas Senate hearing in Austin on Tuesday. Investigators say the latest information indicates that officers had enough ammunition and protection long before the gunman was removed, outlets reported.


American-Statesman and KVUE reported footage from the documents from inside the school, showing an 18-year-old gunman entering the back door casually at 11:33 a.m., going into the classroom and immediately firing a gun before barricading himself. Outlets reported that three minutes later the video showed 11 officers entering the school.

Wawalde School Shooting

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  • School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo Uvalde called the police department landline and reported that their suspect “fired a lot” with an AR-15-style rifle and overtook school officials, who said they were armed only with pistols and outlets. Reported.

    Four minutes later, at 11:44 a.m., the body camera video recorded more gunshots. At 11:52 a.m., the first ballistic shield arrived as officers became impatient to take action. Although it is believed that no one tried to open the door, Arredondo struggled to find the key to the classroom door, outlets reported.

    Another officer with a ballistic shield arrived at 12:03 p.m., another two minutes later with a shield. About 30 minutes before officers finally break the classroom door at 12:50 p.m., Arredondo wonders aloud if he can shoot the gunman out the window. Outlets reported that only at 12:46 pm Arredondo told members of the tactical team to break down the door when they were ready.

    Last week, the San Antonio Express-News reported Video surveillance footage from the school did not show officers attempting to open the doors leading to the classrooms where the massacre was taking place. And the New York Times reported Two Uvalde city police officers told a sheriff’s deputy that they had given up the momentous opportunity to open fire when the gunman was outside the school for fear of hitting the children.

    Delays in law enforcement response have led to a federal, state and local investigation into the massacre and its aftermath. Questions about the law enforcement response began a few days after the massacre. Colonel Steve McCrae, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said on May 27 that Arrado made the “wrong decision” when he decided not to crawl into the classroom for more than 70 minutes, even though fourth-graders were trapped in two classrooms. Calling 911 for help.


    Oradondo said later He did not consider himself a responsible person and felt that someone else had taken control of the law enforcement response. Arredondo rejected repeated requests for comment to the Associated Press.

    State police initially said the gunman entered through an external door that the teacher had opened. A spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety said May 31However, the teacher closed the door after discovering that there was a shooter on campus, but it was not locked.

    On June 2State Senator Roland Gutierrez said it was a “systemic failure” for Arredondo to not receive a word about requests for help from people inside the school because there was no two-way radio link with city police..

    “I want to know specifically who is receiving the 911 calls,” Gutierrez told a news conference.

    The Uvalde school board heard from members of the public on Monday, including relatives of those killed in the attack. They described the police response and the lack of security measures at the school in general.


    Liliana Garcia, 16, is the daughter of teachers Irma Garcia and Jose Garcia, who died in the shooting., Died of a heart attack two days later. They have four children – a Marine, a college student, a seventh grader and Liliana.

    “The knowledge of being an orphan at such a young age is unimaginable,” she told the school board. “These are the consequences of my family’s lack of proper care. I want to share a quote of my sister’s anguished crying. She said, ‘Our mother died protecting her students, but who is protecting our mother?’

    The Legislative Committee, which looks into the law enforcement response, completed another day of closed hearings in Uvalde on Monday.

    State spokesman Dustin Burrows, who chairs the committee investigating the school shooting, said at the beginning of the day’s session the panel would hear further testimony from the Wowalde Police Department, as well as another officer from the School District Police. And a member of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    Following Burroughs’ initial statements during the committee’s hearing in Walde, the committee moved into an executive session, preventing the public from hearing the testimony of witnesses. Burrows did not immediately come out to make a statement on the day’s testimony from Monday’s executive session.


    Burrows said testimony would continue Tuesday in Austin. He said he hopes to provide information on when at least a preliminary report will be released to the public.


    Find more AP coverage of the Uvalde School shooting: https://apnews.com/hub/uvalde-school-shooting

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