CANADA ENTERTAINMENT Police said multiple injuries were caused by fireworks during...

Police said multiple injuries were caused by fireworks during Dua Lipa’s concert in Toronto.


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Dua Lipa’s crowded crowd of fans were shocked when several unauthorized fireworks were set off at the end of her performance at the Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday night.

Videos taken during Lipa’s last song show several fireworks exploding on the floor next to the sound booth. The fans are seen running away as the shells exploded.

Toronto police say three people were injured in the incident. They were examined by the scene’s medics, and no one required additional medical attention.

It is not clear how the fireworks managed to get to the venue. Many concert goers have expressed concern on social media that attendees may have been seriously harmed.

“Something worse could easily have happened,” said Twitter user @yossariayv.

Others have suggested that the pre-concert security check may not have been thorough enough.

“Last night, premium gate security barely checked a single bag,” another Twitter user said. “They didn’t even look or touch me or my friends.

“They just seemed so rushed.”

Police say there is no information on suspects at this time, but they are working with security at the arena to check on video surveillance.

Lipa thanked the fans and danced when the incident happened. A video posted to Twitter shows her looking startled the moment the fireworks were set off.

The concert was part of the pop singer’s highly anticipated Future Nostalgia Tour, which was announced in 2019 to promote her self-titled album and has been repeatedly postponed due to COVID-19.

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