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Fox News co-host Dana Perino questioned why the White House won’t accept reality and admit the US economy is in recession instead of trying to change the definition of “The Five”.

Dana Perino: Why don’t we do that, if 75% of the country, 65% of the country thinks we are already in a recession. 75% of Democrats do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election. 85% of people in the country think we are on the wrong track. Adding to the recession, I don’t understand why this was such a big deal because the story turned out to be this way The White House was “very concerned about the word recession“They’ll do anything to keep you from saying it. A lot of media went along with it, but that’s a technical definition.

NBC defends Biden’s redefinition of recession, claims GOP ‘narrative’ of bad economy hurts Dems

Imagine that George W. Bush or Donald Trump trying to get away with it. The media would never have done that and that’s good because you have to be honest about what’s happening. You might be wondering who exactly this spin is for. This is for Twitter and the media. People in the house know what is going on.

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