Entertainment 'Paper Girls' wants to be another 'Stranger Things' but...

‘Paper Girls’ wants to be another ‘Stranger Things’ but doesn’t deliver


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(CNN)Brian K to leap onto the screen. Vaughn’s latest graphic novel, “Paper Girls” There’s a “Stranger Things”-wannabe vibe, a mix of New Age elements, time travel, nostalgia and science fiction. The result makes for a semi-watchable Amazon series that feels a little too messy to deliver satisfactorily.

Delivery, in this case, is what the quartet of 12-year-olds at the center of the show do with their newspaper route, back in 1988, when print was still in its infancy. An encounter with time travelers caught in an ill-conceived war leads the group to the present, where one of them, Erin (Riley Lai Nelette), meets her adult self (Ali Wong), which was a great disappointment to the girl due to her lofty ambitions.
Erin isn’t the only member of the gang who decides to learn the hard truth about what’s in store for her, as she’s joined by Mac (Sofia Rosinski), Tiffany (Camryn Jones) and KJ (Fina Strazza), who are all dealing. The various challenges of adolescence and the strange, sometimes unimaginable emotions that accompany them.
    At the same time, the girls are seeking help to find their way back to the ’80s, where “Paper Girls” is becoming increasingly confusing as they go through struggles they don’t fully understand — a sentiment, frankly, shared by audiences unfamiliar with the comics. is likely to do.
      It’s a talented young artist, and the dazzling time travel twist asks what it would be like to meet your past (or future) self. Beyond the mature Erin, Wong plays a more dramatic turn, with his mature allies including Larry (Nate Corddry), pursued by a ruthless representative of a rival gang (Adina Porter).
      The real problem in time-travel scenarios is a common one: not only figuring out what the rules are, but also how tampering with the timeline might affect those involved. For a case study of where it can go astray, HBO’s recent “The Time Traveler’s Wife” Serves as a handy study guide.
      These obstacles are compounded by the age of the central characters, who, as resourceful as they can be, seem in over their heads as they move from one crisis to another. As with the last Vaughn series brought to TV, “Y: The Last Man,” Some of these ideas probably looked better on paper than in this form.
        Misunderstandings aside, this Amazon series comes with big ambitions, including a first season finale that makes it clear that this isn’t intended to be the end of the story.
          As for whether that gradualist approach will catch on, stranger things have (and indeed did) happen. But so far, “Paper Girls” hasn’t proven distinctive enough to warrant renewing her membership.
          “Paper Girls” premieres July 29 on Amazon.

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