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A retired NYPD spy warned on Tuesday that soft-on-crime policies affecting policing and public safety are forcing officers to leave the “green pasture”.

Jason Caputo joined “Fox and Friends First” to discuss the impact of “wake” policies on the police force and why so many are abandoning their pensions.

“I’ve actually seen other people go into other departments who have just been trained by the NYPD to go to the green pastures for more money or not the kind of government that doesn’t support you at all,” Caputone co-host Ashley Strohmeier said.

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“People are tired of this job, actually,” he continued. “The more you talk to people in the office, the more you talk to the police. They think this is not the job I wanted. Friends in my position … I haven’t joined this job. When I was a policeman, when he came, we were out. “We were doing our job … our boss supported us, our city supported us, the state supported us. Now, it’s not like that.”

NYPD officials respond to a shooting scene in Brooklyn's Flatbush neighborhood on April 6, 2021 that left several people injured.

NYPD officials respond to a shooting scene in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood on April 6, 2021 that left several people injured.
(Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images)

According to NYPD Pension Fund data, 1,236 officers retired in 2020 and 1,064 in 2021.

So far in 2022, 1,472 officers have retired.

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“Over the last few years I’ve seen this as a more hands-free approach to policing,” Caputo said. “Police officers are not really willing to lay hands on people because they only know their careers, their future, the dangers in their families, because you could be prosecuted at any moment and not get a job. You made a mistake. “

“So you have a whole bunch of police officers who don’t want to get their hands on people or actually communicate,” he added. “They endangered themselves as well as the public.”

With violent crime on the rise in various cities this year, many have found a way to move beyond last year’s bloody statistics. In 2022, New York City has grown by 25.8% so far.