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The one-two punch of inflation and rising crime has forced at least one store in New York City to close its inventory of Spam in plastic cases.

Shoppers, store employees and social media users expressed disbelief after discovering the $3.99 canned meat product was out of reach behind a lock and key at Duane Reade inside New York City’s Port Authority Bus Depot. The New York Post reported.

“I’ve never seen this before!” A cashier laughed as he removed Spam from his plastic anti-theft cover.

“Some of these things are pretty ridiculous,” said Jenny Kenney, a 43-year-old visitor to the Kentucky city who says she’s aware of the city’s crime spike but still can’t believe there are “so many” items. box

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Other shoppers wondered why Spam was locked in with a $1.89 can of Starkist tuna, but not a more expensive product like a $5.49 can of Amy’s Soup.

“Caging spam is stupid – and an insult to the customers who buy it,” said shopper Denise Snow, 46.

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A closeup of a can of Spam

A closeup of a can of Spam
(Photo: Getty Images via Newscast/Universal Images Group)

Crime in New York City Six of the seven major categories saw increases this year, and the New York Post reported that retail theft complaints in Port Authority neighborhoods were up 52% ​​compared to last year.

“I don’t think they stop anything,” a store clerk named Iggy said of anti-theft cases. “It’s a security theater. If you really need it, you’ll seal it.”

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A few days ago, Iggy’s suspicions appeared to be cured when a man in a black tank top walked out of the store with a $38 electric razor, asking an employee to remove it from its plastic case.

Along with the increase in crime, inflation spiked Thieves have created a market to sell stolen discount items to cash-strapped consumers, as the New York Post explained, up 9.1% in June.

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Spam can still be found in many New York City locations without plastic wrap, including the Duane Reade location near Times Square.

“Here, we lock up the ice cream,” said Duane Reed, an employee at West 44th Street.