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Mar Vista, Calif. – David Manperl, The tenant is a neighbor of the house On Friday, Anne Heche was the first person on the scene to be hit.

“I saw a car speed by in front of my house and moments later I heard a crash,” Manperl explained to Fox News Digital on Saturday.

After hearing the crash, he went into the street to help the crasher.

Anne Heche was involved in a car accident in Mar Vista, Los Angeles on Friday.

Anne Heche was involved in a car accident in Mar Vista, Los Angeles on Friday.
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Heche, 53, miraculously survived a fatal car accident while visiting a home in Mar Vista, Los Angeles on Friday.

Anne Heche rushes into the house, lighting the fire; The actress was taken in an ambulance with severe burns

Manpearl, a software engineer, shared that the roof of the house had completely caved in and Heche’s car was completely inside the house, covered in debris.

“It went through the house to the back of the house,” Manperl Heche said of the car. “The windows were broken, I opened the back door of the car.”

Before the actress’ car burst into flames, Manpearl was able to communicate with Heche, who he found conscious immediately after the crash.

Manperl then explained that the car caught fire, and that it was “impossible” to save Heche with the way the car was positioned and how quickly the Mini Cooper burst into flames.

“She finally answered and said she was okay,” Manpearl added of Heche. “So that’s tough.”

Anne Heche ‘expected to be fired’ in ‘stable’ condition after chaotic car crash: report

“I know they didn’t get her out of the car until the fire was pretty much out,” he said.

Manperl was the first neighbor on the scene and helped the tenant of the house. “She was trying to get her dogs out of the house and was a bit confused,” he said.


Heche’s car survived the wreck and is currently in “stable condition,” according to reports.

He helped the tenant who rented the house to his house, where he said neighbors showed an “outpouring of love” to the woman, who didn’t even have time to grab a pair of shoes before vacating her home.

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“How can anyone be okay after losing their home and everything in it?” Manperl said of the tenant’s emotional state after the accident. He claimed he was with the woman when she said her home was “red tagged” and she never returned.

“There’s been great support from the neighbors,” he said. “They brought her food and shoes, she had no shoes and no other things to help her.” Manpearl said her friends eventually came to his house, and she left with them.

Heche is reported to be in a "stable condition," her ex-boyfriend Thomas Jane told the Daily Mail.

Heche is reported to be in a “stable condition,” her ex-boyfriend Thomas Jane told the Daily Mail.
(Getty Images)

Friday, Brian Humphrey, Rep Los Angeles Fire DepartmentFox News Digital said the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

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The Los Angeles Fire Department shared a statement that there was only one person in the vehicle when it crashed into the 1952 two-story home.

“Fifty-nine firefighters took 65 minutes to access, contain and completely extinguish the stubborn fire in the heavily damaged structure and rescue a female adult found inside the vehicle, who was taken by LAFD paramedics to an area hospital in critical condition,” The statement said.

No other injuries were reported and according to FOX 11, the cause of the crash remains under investigation.