Sports NBA Finals Game 6, Warriors vs Celtics Live Updates:...

NBA Finals Game 6, Warriors vs Celtics Live Updates: Boston have not lost three games in a row since December


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When the Boston Celtics are in the NBA Finals, they rarely lose. And finishing the finals in Boston is virtually impossible.

The Celtics were 17-4 when they reached the finals. It’s pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that the 1985 Los Angeles Lakers Celtics were the only visiting team to win the title at home court.

Steve Kerr believes you can add the Golden State Warriors to that list.

After they beat the Celtics in Game 5 in San Francisco to take a 3-2 series lead, Warriors coach told his team in the post-game locker room, “We’ve got it in Boston. We’ve done it in Boston.”

The so-called bulletin board material may be irrelevant in the finals, but it has raised some eyebrows around NBA scholars. How do the Celtics respond?

USA Today Sports evening will feature live updates and analysis as the 6th game of the 2022 NBA Finals begins.

How to watch the game 6: Live stream, TV channel, start time, X-factors

The Celtics have not lost three games in a row since December; ‘I will fight back’

Despite the backlash against the wall, it was business as usual for the Celtics.

When asked by Pregame if the mood in the locker room was angry or panicked, Celtics coach Ime Udoka did not move. His guys have been in this position before.

Celtics lose Game 5 They have not lost in three games in a row since December 25-29, 2021.

The unit that Boston has changed since then. The Celtics are 16-19 after the December 29 defeat, but ended the regular season 51-31 in the new year, knocking out the Nets, Bucks and Heats respectively in the playoffs. The Celtics are also trailing 3-2 in the series against the Bucks.

Udoka said the early-season disadvantage gave the Celtics a “bounce-back ability” that helped them focus on the details without getting caught up in the bigger picture.

“We had a small memory and it worked well for us and kept it behind us,” Udoka said. “And being in these conditions all year long we have to fight back after the big hole at the start of the season, all those things are good for us.”

– Richard Morin

Steff Curry is ‘live’ after a 3-point drought, says Drymond Green

Steph Curry is looking to bounce back from a Game 5 shooting slump where he scored 16 points, his lowest point production in the NBA Finals. This is the perfect spot for Steve Kerr and Draymond Green Curry as the Warriors look to close the Celtics on the road in Game 6 on Thursday.

“He’s 0-9 from 3 to 9. He’s excited to go to Game 6,” Green said Monday. “That’s what we need.”

With a 7-22 shot from Curryfield and a 0-for-9 shock from the 3-point series, he ended a series of 233 post-season and regular-season games as a 3-pointer.

“Even for the best shooter in the world, you know, games like this happen,” Kerr said Monday. “And fortunately they don’t happen very often. I also like Steff getting out of a game like this. I like his ability to bounce back.”

Clay Thompson said he never had to worry about Warriors Curry: “I know he’s responsive. He’s one of the greatest competitors I’ve ever had. And he’s perfect like me. , Hopefully, most of the time, he’s back to average and he’s scared when he does. “

Stephen Curry finished with 7, 16 points for a total of 22, while the Warriors won another championship.

Jason Tatum is the biggest X-factor in Game 6 for the Celtics

Jason Tatum has turned into a hitherto inconsistent series, showcasing moments of pure brilliance, removing the disappearing action in difficult minutes.

In the fourth quarter of Game 5, Tatum had only five points, including a critical turnover in 1-5 shooting. He also missed two free throws that could have reduced the Warriors’ lead to eight in just five minutes.

Celtics coach Ime Udoka says the Celtics need Tatum to “read aggressively and correctly” throughout the game. It starts with Tatum getting a better start and finishing stronger. Fatigue may be a factor, but Tatum will have to perform consistently if the Celtics are to force Game 7.

Jason Tatum averaged 23.2 points over 36.7% shooting in the finals.

Can Andrew Wiggins challenge Steph Curry for the Finals MVP?

The Warriors traded a lot with the Minnesota Timberwolves for Andrew Wiggins at the 2020 trade deadline.

Warriors D’Angelo Russell, Wiggins for Jacob Evans III and Omari Spellman and 2021 first round pick.

Earlier this season, Warriors co-owner Joe Locob said, “It’s one of the greatest deals we’ll ever make. He got a lot of contract. And the deal looks better day by day.

Wiggins, who provided stability for the first time in his career, played for four head coaches in Minnesota so he could get some finals MVP votes if he had another monster game to take the Warriors.

“When he (Wiggins) first came here, I will never forget, when it was not with Thebes Knicks, and Thibes was like, ‘You’re going to love him. He’s competing.’ “And he’s telling us that Jimmy loves him. And we all know how Jimmy Butler is. If there’s any tenderness in you, Jimmy will not like you. Jimmy is cut like that.”

All star: Former No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins has finally fulfilled his all-star potential. Now he’s looking for the Warriors title

Andrew Wiggins: Former rising number one with the Warriors in the NBA Finals. 1 total selection

Feedback: Andrew Wiggins enters NBA Finals MVP debate with another big outing in Game 5 victory

Andrew Wiggins

Steff Curry’s golfing friends can attend Game 6

Steph Curry has many friends on the professional golf circuit. Many of them are playing at the US Open in Brooklyn, Massachusetts – 40 minutes from TD Garden, trying to play the Celtics in Curry Game 6.

Curry did not make it to the first round of the US Open, which began on Thursday. Curry, however, watched the US Open Championship trophy up close on Wednesday and expected to hear from some of his golfing friends.

“There are a couple friends on the tour, they’s probably having tea time between now and next week, they can hit me if they get early / late on Thursday. Let’s see. Or let’s see on Thursday / Friday, ”he said earlier this week. “I am not going there. Naturally, all my focus was on relaxation and recovery, ready. I pop in front of the TV and watch as much as I can.

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