CANADA POLITICS Mountie has the 'impression' that the Liberal government intervened...

Mountie has the ‘impression’ that the Liberal government intervened in the NA mass shooting investigation


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On Thursday, a senior citizen testified that he believed RCMP Commissioner Brenda Luckey’s resolve was behind the political decision that police release details about the weapons used in the Nova Scotia mass shooting.

Main supp. Chris Leather made the comment at a public inquiry into the riot that claimed 22 lives on April 18-19, 2020, while being cross-examined by Tom McDonald, a lawyer who represents two family members of the victims.

McDonald asked if Leather, after the officer was on a teleconference with Lucky after the shooting, thought the commissioner’s comments reflected political interference in a criminal investigation underway at the time.

“That’s my impression,” Leather replied. He said he came to this conclusion after gathering facts about “preparing” to meet Lucky.

Head of RCMP Supt. Darren Campbell claimed that during a meeting on April 28, 2020, Lucky said she had promised the Prime Minister’s Office that gun information would be made public in connection with the Liberal government’s “pending gun control law”.

The liberal government was developing new gun control measures to limit access to semi-automatic weapons in the weeks following the mass shooting. Campbell and Leather testified this week that releasing information about the weapon would interfere with the ongoing investigation into who provided the killer with the semi-automatic weapon.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Luckey watches Canada Day celebrations at Lebreton Flats in Ottawa on Friday, July 1, 2022. (Justin Tang/Canadian Press)

Leather, who heads crime operations in Nova Scotia, testified on Wednesday that he received a call from Lucky on the evening of April 22 – three days after the mass shooting – and that she asked him to send her details about the crime. guns. The superintendent said that the list of weapons he sent to Lucky was for internal purposes only.

Leather’s statement about Lucky’s April 22 call and the series of emails that followed was not mentioned in the July 6 interview with investigative attorneys.

Mounty says he was told not to ‘pre-disclose’ the call

Under cross-examination Thursday by Michael Scott — the lawyer who represents most of the victims’ families — Leather said he did not discuss the July 6 call or emails with Lucky because federal Justice Department lawyers suggested he take a “jet pose.”

“The advice I got was to not reveal the conversation ahead of time. [with Lucki] and emails leading up to the April 28 meeting, [2020]”, – testified Kozhany.

“From my notes and emails I prepared and sent, I knew this was clearly related to what would become the infamous April 28 phone call and was concerned about it, wanted their advice and was advised to take a reactive stance. “.

Laurie Ward, a lawyer for the federal Justice Department and the RCMP, told commissioners on Thursday that she believes Leather “misunderstood” the advice. She said she and another federal lawyer realized that Leather had a document relating to an April 28, 2020 meeting with Lucky that they needed to review because it could contain sensitive information.

“We never advised [Chief Supt.] Skin not to talk about it and not to tell the truth,” she said.

Ward said the document in question, which she did not describe in detail, would soon be turned over to the investigation.

Lucky denies interfering with the police investigation. On Monday, she testified before a House of Commons committee that she did not remember telling then-Public Safety Secretary Bill Blair that she “promised” to reveal details about the gun. She said she remembers using different words with Blair.
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