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President Biden’s comments were “explosive and irresponsible” after Fox News contributor Molly Hemingway suggested Democrats change the filibuster to code Wade against Rowe. Hemingway mentioned on “The Faulkner Focus” on Friday that the president had previously called Philibster “a pillar of American democracy.”

What is overturning ROE V. WADE? Consequences of the Supreme Court decision

Molly Hemingway: It was really shocking to see Biden attacking American institutions on foreign soil. I don’t think anyone has gone after the Supreme Court or any other branch of government as they did yesterday. But Attacking Phillips, On whose side he has spoken loudly. They called it the “Pillar of American Democracy.” Democrats, of course, used Philibuster 300 times during the Trump administration. And the whole point, as stated in the editorial of the New York Post, is to make sure that the truly contentious issues are not confronted with and against the American people. There is no such issue on earth and certainly not in America, more controversial than whether or not Protect unborn human life. And the idea that you will do this is just explosive and irresponsible.

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