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Minnesota attorney general candidate Jim Schultz explained what has turned Minneapolis into a “shooting range” and how liberal policies are destructive to the state on “The Ingraham Angle” Friday.

Jim Schultz: It has been a painful few years in this state. I grew up in this state. I’m a fifth generation Minnesotan and I feel it and Minnesotans feel like we’re losing the state…it’s because of Keith Ellison and these radical policies. Ilhan Omar And our terrible governor, Tim Walz, who has led us to this current point. I call it a man-made disaster – a man-made disaster that has befallen our state and we need to turn it around immediately.

Hundreds of people are mourning the death of a Minnesota teenager who was stabbed to death during a tubing trip

[Rep. Ilhan Omar] Spending all her time in Washington these days, she’s completely disconnected from the community, and quite frankly, Keith Ellison is disconnected from the community. If they’re connected to the community, they know that there are parts of North Minneapolis that have become shooting galleries, parts of St. Paul where on any given day, your car can be jacked or otherwise, and yet they accept these policies. Which has caused this Extreme crime and violence In our state. These are two types of limousine liberals who have adopted policies that have led to incredible violence and destruction in our state.

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