Politics Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards signs ban on abortion...

Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards signs ban on abortion without exception for rape, adultery


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Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards has signed a bill criminalizing abortion in Louisiana if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in its historic Ro v. There are no exceptions to rape or adultery if Wade’s decision is overturned.

Democratic Monroe Sen. Senate Bill 342 by Katrina Jackson was built on Louisiana’s 2006 “Trigger Law” to make abortion illegal if the Supreme Court ever reversed Ron, which seems possible after a draft decision was leaked in May.

Jackson’s bill specifically exempts pregnant women from prosecution but doubles the 2006 fine for doctors or others who terminate a pregnancy with a maximum fine of $ 100,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

Edwards, a Democrat and devout Catholic who has a record of supporting abortion bans, said he would have preferred exceptions to rape and adultery, although he had signed the previous bill without such exceptions.

A new survey has found that abortions in the US have risen for the first time in 30 years

“My position on abortion has been unwavering,” Edwards said. I am pro-life and never hide from that fact. This does not dispel my belief that abortion should be an exception for young women who have been victims of rape and adultery.

“However, vetoing Senate Bill 342 will not end that. In fact, vetoing Senate Bill 342 will leave fewer exceptions than the bill becomes law and will further confuse whether pregnancy begins at conception or implantation. For this reason. , I have. Signed Senate Bill 342 into law.

The Louisiana Legislature passed a bill banning mail-order abortion drugs

Edwards noted that Senate Bill 342 extends exceptions to the 2006 law to include examples of medical futility and ectopic pregnancies.

Emergency contraception will also be legal in Jackson’s bill.

The other 22 states have similar trigger laws, according to the pro-abortion rights Guttmaker Institute, which means that Louisiana women will have to travel east to Florida, west to New Mexico and north to Illinois to have an abortion. .

Jacques also wrote an amendment to the Louisiana Constitution, previously approved by voters in 2020, declaring that abortion has no right and no funding.

“My position has been consistent throughout my life and career,” Jackson said in an earlier interview with USA Today Network. “I believe that all life is precious and should be protected from the womb to the grave.”

But Jackson’s bill has come under attack from supporters of abortion rights, including President Biden and Vice President Harris.

The following statement was made by White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre on June 6.

“The Louisiana Legislature has taken the latest step in a growing attack on the fundamental freedoms of Americans,” the statement said. “Louisiana’s extreme bill would criminalize abortion without exception for rape or adultery and sentence reproductive health care professionals to up to 10 years in prison.”

“The president has been committed to protecting the constitutional rights of Americans provided by Rowe for almost 50 years and ensuring that women can make their own choices about their lives, bodies and families. The majority of Americans agree and reject this. Radical measures. “

Greg Hilburn covers state politics for Louisiana’s USA Today Network. Follow him on Twitter @ GregHilburn1.

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