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Linda Carter is flying in memory lane.

The “Wonder Woman” star Matron took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a picture from her time as “Mama” Morton at the 2005 musical “Chicago” in London.

“When you are good with Mama, Mama is good to you,” Carter wrote, quoting a line from “When you were good to Mama”.

Crater made its West End debut in 2005 in “Chicago”. The eight-week engagement was her theatrical debut. The production stars Sally Ann Triplet as Roxy Heart, Terence Maynard as Billy Flynn and Rachel Stanley as Velma Kelly.

‘Wonder Woman’ star Linda Carter says she cries ‘three times a day’ after losing her husband Robert Altman

Carter has had a long, successful career in the film and competition industry. She is Miss World USA crown In 1972. Carter began her acting career on CBS from 1975 to 1979 for her role in the live-action series “Wonder Woman”.

She made her acting debut in the drama series “Roots of Anger” in 1974. Carter also appeared on TV shows such as “Star‌sky and Hutch” and “Cos”.

Linda Carter starred in "Chicago" in 2005.

Linda Carter starred in “Chicago” in 2005.
(Mike Coppola)

In April, Carter shared with her Instagram followers that she was determined to keep her 37-year-old husband’s legacy alive. Gaming CEO Robert A. Altman dies At the age of 73 in 2021.

Actress Captioned the post. “For 20 years, TGen has conducted groundbreaking genetic research to find better, more accurate treatments for diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders.”

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I lost my powerful husband Robert with myelofibrosis Last year, and I supported TGen, hoping that the malignant form of myelofibrosis could one day be cured or survive, “Carter shared.” Thanks to Dr. Trent and Dr. Caliguri for dedicating your lives to such a great achievement. I’m so proud to be a part of the superstars and TGen community! “

Carter is best known for her role as "Wonder Woman" in the live-action series.

Carter is best known for her role as “Wonder Woman” in the live-action series.
(Disney General Entertainment content via ABC Photo Archives / Getty Images)

Altman died a Rare type of cancer It affects the normal blood cell production of the body.

In November, Carter sat down with Tomron Hall and told her that Altman’s memories were haunting her.

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“If you’ve been a friend of Robert Altman ‘I would often say about my husband when he was alive that he was one of the luckiest in the world,” she said. “He’s one of those guys, and he’s become my husband. So it was a shock when we lost him. It was unexpected.

Carter's 37 - year - old husband, Robert A. Altman, died in 2021 of a rare type of cancer that affects the body's normal blood cell production.

Carter’s 37 – year – old husband, Robert A. Altman, died in 2021 of a rare type of cancer that affects the body’s normal blood cell production.

“I’m surprised I’m not in tears,” Carter continued. Because it brings tears to my eyes every time I talk about him. But after hearing that [supermodel and David Bowie’s widow] ImanSomehow hearing her gave me a little courage … she went to a place where I was not, but I had no witness of my life without him so I had the hope of getting to know someone. Him. “

Stephanie Nolasco of Fox News contributed to this report.