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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody explained what Democratic leaders resort to as a result of their failed leadership on various fronts Thursday on “Hannity.”

ATTORNEY GENERAL MOODY: Who’s dehumanizing who? You have the media perpetuating this big farce about a bill in Florida that is meant to protect children as young as four and five years old from classroom instruction on sexual interests. It’s incredible that you have the media, Disney coming back and saying… they’re going to work vigorously to repeal it. What does that mean? Disney wants classroom instruction on sexual orientation for children as young as four? It’s incredible, Sean.

What’s going on is it is becoming apparent that those in this administration and in leadership cannot lead on the economy, on energy, on crime, on the border. And so they have to throw up this big emotional mushroom cloud, calling [people] names, calling Republican leaders [who] are trying to protect children, comparing them to Russians [who] rape children. It’s incredible. They’re dehumanizing an entire leadership in Florida. It’s unacceptable.