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Large video screen falls during Mirror concert in Hong Kong, two injured


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Hong Kong authorities are investigating why a large, heavy video screen fell from the ceiling during a popular boy band concert at a state club, injuring two dancers, officials said Friday.

The accident occurred on Thursday evening during a performance by the 12-piece band Mirror in China, which has grown in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Footage from a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum shows the audience screaming after a video screen falls directly on one dancer, apparently hitting him in the neck. South China Morning Post newspaper It was later reported that one of the two male dancers suffered neck injuries and was in intensive care. He said the other was in stable condition.

The height of the Colosseum is 23 meters, or about 75 feet, according to the government agency that manages the site. The screens of the four-sided projection system installed in the center of the hall have dimensions of 5 by 3.9 meters each.

Hong Kong authorities said in a brief statement early Friday that the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services, which manages the venue, was asked to investigate the cause of the accident in coordination with officials from the Department of Labor and other agencies.

The statement also said the government contacted the concert organizers on Wednesday – the day before the crash – about “incidents on stage in the past few days.” This was not specified.

John Lee, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, stated in a separate statement. that he asked the Department of Leisure Services and the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism to “reconsider the safety requirements of such events.”

“I am appalled by this incident,” Mr. Li said. “I express my sympathy to the victims and hope that they will recover soon.”

On Tuesday, Mirror member Frankie Chan Sui-fai fell off the stage at the Hong Kong Coliseum during the second day of the group’s scheduled 12-day concert series. It is reported by the South China Morning Post.. According to the report, he fell from a height of about a meter and was not seriously injured.

Makervillethe concert organizer, apologized for the accident in an Instagram post early Friday, adding that Mirror’s remaining concerts at the venue would be cancelled.

According to the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services, the Colosseum opened in 1983, when Hong Kong was still a British territory, and has a capacity of about 12,500 people.

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