Sports FOOTBALL Laporta calls for tougher rules on state clubs

Laporta calls for tougher rules on state clubs


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Barcelona president Joan Laporta said state clubs were causing “instability” in football and should be subject to stricter rules.

Laporta said he was lobbying UEFA to at least harmonize club ownership rules across Europe because state clubs like Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain “are not using the same tools” to competition.

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“State clubs are a problem because they provoke instability in our sport, football in Europe,” he said. “I am asking for stricter rules for these clubs because the resources they use in football do not come from the football industry.

“In our case, and in most European clubs, the resources we generate come from the sports industry… and these public clubs don’t use the same tools to compete. It is difficult to compete with these clubs, which have many big players around the world. And when you go to the market to buy players, it’s hard to compete.

“I ask the regulators, such as UEFA and the leagues of each country, to be more strict or at least harmonize all the rules. Because, for example, in Spain the rules are much stricter than in France or in the Premier League.”

Laporta spoke at the launch of a new partnership between Barcelona and UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. Under the agreement, the UNHCR logo will appear on the shirts of the Barcelona men’s and women’s teams for the next four seasons. The club will also work with an agency to fund football projects for refugees in Colombia, Uganda, Turkey and Malaysia.

Financial control in Spain is structured in such a way that clubs must plan their spending in advance, and control is set by the La Liga authorities. There are two public investment-linked clubs in Spain: Girona, partly owned by Manchester City’s parent company, City Football Group, and Almeria, owned by Turki Al-Sheikh, an adviser to the Saudi royal family. Almeria have won promotion to La Liga this season but have been sanctioned by Spanish authorities for inflating sponsorship deals with Saudi brands.

Barcelona need to make up for a €500 million shortfall in their finances. Laporta said he believes the club will be able to “recover” its finances within one year, adding that he will approach Barça members about plans to “implement the economic options we have”.

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He also touched on the subject of the Super League: Barcelona, ​​one of the three clubs, along with Real Madrid and Juventus, still supports the plan and will receive a European Court of Justice ruling in July on whether UEFA can prevent a split. .

“I would say that the groups that promote the Super League are continuing their course,” Laporta said. “It’s a long process, we’re not in a big hurry.”

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