Entertainment Kid Mero explains the split with Desus

Kid Mero explains the split with Desus


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(CNN)The Kid Mero shared He split with creative partner and “Desus & Mero” co-host Desus Nice It was over a year in the making.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Basic!” podcastWhich was recorded in late July shortly after the announcement that the Showtime late-night talk show was being canceled, Mary said that “a year before the end of the show, he and Dessus discussed pursuing separate interests.”
“That conversation solidified us in signing overall agreements that recognized our intent to operate independently of each other,” Mary said. “By June of last year we were both pitching or looking to join existing projects as individuals.”
    “I’m breaking up with my girlfriend over the phone, yo,” he joked. “You know what I mean? It was a strategy and it was one that we all agreed on.
      A Puck News reports This was cited by their manager Victor Lopez as the reason for the rift between Dessus and Mero, which ultimately ended the show.
      A source close to The co-host confirmed to CNN His relationship with Lopez led to the separation of the two hosts.
      Mary didn’t touch on that, but credits Lopez with helping him grow professionally, from a popular Twitter commentary he and Dessus helped write music reviews to the “Bodega Boys” podcast, hosting their show on Viceland, and eventually the Showtime series. .
        Marie spoke with “Basic” co-hosts Doug Herzog and Jane Chaney about fans’ love for the show, which held a unique position of diversity in late-night TV, and that Desus was Dominican and Jamaican.
        They shared stories of viewers expressing how much the pair meant to them, but reiterated that they were ready to move on as individuals.
          “If you want to force a partnership that ends naturally, it’s not going to happen,” he said. “We intended to go our separate ways in a mutually supportive way,” he added.
          CNN has reached out to Lopez and Dessus for comment.

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