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Fox News’ Lawrence Jones “Gives His Opinion on the Crisis at the Southern Border”Five.”

Lawrence Jones: Well, this is the reality of what has been happening in Texas for a long time, and by the way, there are many people who border in Texas A day earlier than what was released in New York today, but how did we get to this point?

The border crisis hit home in DC, so Mayor Bowser finally took care

Mayor Adams accused Greg Abbott of doing this before he did. You remember, Judge, when those same immigrants when we were following their plane, when it landed in New York City and we followed it all the way to Jersey, and they called the police on our camera crew because they didn’t want us on board. . , in Westchester…So when they were coming to New York, those immigrants, you know, Adams gave this press conference and said these people were coming from Texas. They weren’t coming from Texas.

The Biden administration was planting people and flying them out and they were releasing them into local communities, and so he was going after Abbott about it, and Abbott was like, “Okay, you want them? You want them from Texas? You want to make them. We’re the enemy.” ?” And he sent them there, but I think what he’s doing right now is highlighting the hypocrisy on the left. It was all about compassion and giving them handouts and walking them around the country until they were on their turf.

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It was fine when it was a conservative area where all the immigrants were going, and now it’s affecting them. They don’t care. There were currently 87,000 new IRS agents and $80 billion in demand. How do you send that money across the border for the men and women who try to keep us safe on a daily basis?

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