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Fox News host Jesse Waters on Friday called out liberal lawmakers for their response to immigrants pouring into their cities.Jesse Waters Primetime.”

Jesse Waters: They are all hypocrites. They are fine with millions Immigrated to Texas, but can’t deal with a few hundred in the Big Apple or the capital. It’s a shame when their borders are open. Have you ever seen people so stupid?

The border crisis hit home in DC, so Mayor Bowser finally took care

Biden flies Thousands of immigrants From the border to New York at night and it’s cold, but Abbott is a few hundred buses away in the same city, bright and early, and it’s repulsive.

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How many times have you heard liberals say they want illegals to come out of the shadows? Well, immigrants are coming out of the shadows. They’re in Manhattan and DC in broad daylight and suddenly it’s an emergency and liberals don’t want to see them.

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