Sports Jerry Jones confirms to NFL that Dallas Cowboys and...

Jerry Jones confirms to NFL that Dallas Cowboys and Mike McCarthy are being fined for practice violations


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FRISCO, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys were fined for the second consecutive off-season.

Violation of NFL policy on OTA practice contact guarantees two consequences for cowboys, owner and general manager Jerry Jones told reporters Thursday.

The cowboys dock one of the practice sessions assigned to them next spring. League head coach Mike McCarthy has been fined $ 100,000. The team confirmed on its website.

The NFL spokesman did not immediately respond to a request from USA Today Sports for comment.

NFL teams can schedule a maximum of 10 OTA exercises and three mandatory minicamp exercises this year. The Cowboys were also among the teams that could only schedule nine after a breach last spring. However, he chose to practice only eight times in the Dallas OTAs and only once this week for the minicamp. The team met Wednesday for a group dynamics event at TopGolf before McCarthy fired veterans over the summer.

The rookies launched on The Star on Thursday before meeting with coordinators and position coaches to review personal exercise plans for a five-week break. The entire team will travel to Oxnard, California on July 25 for training camp.

Why did the cowboys reduce their learning burden?

“The biggest thing is you have the starting line and the finish line,” McCarthy said Thursday morning. “I thought we were crossing the finish line, especially with the veterans.”

McCarthy said the primary goal of off-season practices is to complete their eight-step scheme installation. The team reached that mark after practice on Tuesday at the indoor field at the Ford Center in The Star. McCarthy said when he started coaching in the NFL in 1993, the team expanded to 15 stages, down from 12, 10 and finally eight in 2011. McCarthy entered his 18th year as head coach, 15 at Green Bay and now three at Dallas. .

“I have a big belief in less volume and more creativity,” he says. “My coaching principle is that I should stick to a good 15-20 years. So it makes you work harder, harder, more efficiently. I’ve been in eight-install mode, probably for a decade now and it works and it definitely works in this new CBA environment.

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The Cowboys also stressed conversations with official staff during their spring workings after completing 2021 as the highest-paid team in the league. Jones did not confirm the cause of the team’s recent breach, but two young linemen clashed during the team’s final OTA practice on June 9 – shortly after practice McCarthy confirmed that the situation had been resolved with each player – and the quarterbacks, including Doc Prescott, fell. During solitary minicamp practice.

“You’ve going to have a relationship that benefits you with how you call the referees, but it’s help you talk to them, because it’s about getting as close as possible to the so-called flag,” McCarthy said Thursday.

The Cowboys split training camp time between California and Texas, visit Irvine for a joint practice with chargers, as well as go to Denver for a joint practice against the Broncos. Dallas will face each other in the pre-season game a few days after practice. Twice after a visit in 2021 they will have league officers in training camp.

McCarthy declined to return to details of last year’s penalties and game-management challenges, including the team’s final snap when the 49ers lost time before running out the final game in the wild-card loss.

“You go back and review all the things,” McCarthy said. “‘Hey, how can we be better in this play?’ Obviously, that’s its accountability.But what we’re trying to do is move the ball another 10, 12 yards to keep ourselves in another game choice for the final game.

“When it comes to thinking and design, I do not want to reopen this insect bin because I’m on vacation today: ‘We’ll be fine’ is our vision.

“It has to be the headline. We’ll be better and that’s our focus.

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