Politics January 6 Trials: What we learned and what's next

January 6 Trials: What we learned and what’s next


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Washington (AP) – House Committee Investigating the Capital Uprising heard from Election activists and state officials on Tuesday described the pressure exerted by President Donald Trump to reverse his 2020 election defeat. On Thursday, a nine-member panel will hear from former Justice Department officials who rejected Trump’s requests to declare the election “corrupt.”

The committee’s fourth and fifth hearings this week are part of an effort to show how Trump’s pressure eventually turned to Congress, where his false statements led to the January 6, 2021 riots. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

In July, the panel will hold at least two hearings The terrorist who attacked the Capitol is expected to focus on the domestic terrorists and what Trump was doing inside the White House when the violence took place.


Trump pressure on states

State officials testified Biden said at a hearing on Tuesday about the extraordinary pressure they faced from Trump after the election to overturn the victory.

The Arizona House Speaker, Rusty Bowers, testified about phone calls from Trump and his allies to identify and replace Arizona’s legal voters. Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has now spoken out about the infamous phone call when Trump asked officials there to “find 11,780 votes.”

Capital siege

  • Testimony of threats is familiar to election activists

  • The chairman said investigations into the capital riots would continue until July

  • The trial of the Proud Boys riots was delayed due to committee inquiries

  • ‘I’m not safe anywhere’: Election officials reiterate threats

  • The authorities did not budge.

    “You are asking me to do anything against my oath, and I will not break my oath,” Bowers told Trump and his allies. He recalled lawyer John Eastman, the mastermind of Trump’s plan to create fake voters, telling him to “do it and let the courts sort it out.”

    Bowers said he had repeatedly asked the Trump team for evidence of the widespread fraud they were claiming, but they never provided it.

    Rafensperger said his team investigated all of Trump’s claims and went into every “rabbit hole” without finding anything. But Trump did not agree.

    Trump pressure on Pence

    The committee testified at the third hearing last week From former aides to Vice President Mike Pence. Auxiliaries described the then president’s attempts to break away from Pence’s role and object when Congress counted electoral votes on January 6.

    Pence concluded from the beginning that his former lawyer, Greg Jacob, had told the committee, “there is no justifiable basis for concluding that the Vice President has such authority.”

    Although his supporters infiltrated the Capitol, Trump did not give up even after Pence hid in an undisclosed location – just 40 feet away from the riots at one point, the committee said. Trump tweeted that afternoon that Pence did not have the “courage” to do what was necessary.

    The committee played a video of riots outside the capital calling for Pence’s death.

    “Donald Trump has turned the crowd on himself,” said Benny Thompson, a Mississippi spokesman and chairman of the panel.


    Pushback from Trump aides

    Investigations have repeatedly shown that despite what Sagaro and his top advisers have said about Trump going ahead with his baseless fraudulent claims, they are not true.

    The committee presented video evidence from several aides who said they disagreed with the plan or tried to talk to Trump – although some of them spoke publicly at the time. Even his daughter Ivanka TrumpShe said she “accepted” the conclusion of former Attorney General Bill Barr, who resigned after telling the president there was no evidence of widespread fraud.

    Attempts to persuade Trump began on election night, and the race is still very close to being called. Lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Trump to go ahead and declare victory. Trump campaign manager Bill Stephen said in an interview clip that it was too early for such a statement. But Trump did anyway.

    “Actually, we won this election,” Trump said in front of the cameras.

    The committee used video clips of testimony from the bar, who told Trump he had examined the allegations and found no evidence that any of them were true. He said he had tried to persuade Trump, but felt that the president was “separating from reality” and “not interested in the facts.”


    Violence, and real lives updated

    The committee also used the inquiries to tell stories of people injured in the January 6 violence or by harassment from those believed to have stolen the election.

    Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards She testified about her traumatic brain injury after being pushed into concrete when the first riots broke the temporary barriers surrounding the Capitol. She described the “battle scene” from the movies and the hand-to-hand fighting for hours.

    “They’m throwing – I’m seen friends with blood all over their faces,” Edwards said, not returning to the unit where she worked. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s confusing. ”

    On Tuesday, two Georgia election activists testified in tears that they had become the center of false conspiracy theories. It’s about how it changed their lives.

    The Justice Department has denied allegations that Vandrea “Shay Moss” and her mother, Ruby Freeman, introduced suit cases of illegal ballots and committed other electoral frauds to change the outcome – a conspiracy theory put forward by Giuliani and Trump. But Moss said she no longer left her home and that her life was affected “in every way” after receiving violent and racist threats from Trump supporters.


    In the video testimony, Freeman said he would no longer promote his local business with his name “Lady Ruby”.

    “I lost my name and I lost my reputation. I lost my sense of security, “said Freeman.

    What’s next

    On Thursday, the hearing goes to another stressful campaign – Trump’s efforts A scheme within the department న్యాయ to have law enforcement officials declare the election corrupt and follow the states to change the results. Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy Richard Donog, who took over after Bar resigned, testify to how they successfully coped with that pressure.

    The next two trials, expected to cover domestic terrorism and Trump’s actions inside the White House, will take place in July. And they may not be final before the panel issues final reports later this year.

    “We are gathering new evidence every day with enormous speed,” said committee member Maryland spokeswoman Jamie Raskin. “So we’ll be constantly embedding and adding new information coming out.”

    Another panel member suggested that they could still subpona Pence – which was “definitely an opportunity”, said California spokesman Adam Schiff.

    “We still want a lot of high-level people to come before our committee,” Schiff said.


    Contributed by Associated Press writers Lisa Mascaro, Farnosh Amiri and Kevin Freaking.


    For full coverage of the January 6 trial, visit https://www.apnews.com/capitol-siege

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