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According to reports, Iranian government agents shot 1,000 dogs.

Government-affiliated agents raided the Gandak dog shelter and shot all the animals inside, including the spayed and vaccinated dogs. Agents used fire trucks to clean blood from the scene.

Activists claimed the entire route to the asylum was closed, The Foreign Desk website reported. Some reports put the number of dogs as high as 1,700.

Several videos have surfaced online showing the aftermath of the shooting. An activist also claimed that Iranian forces arrested several members who tried to intervene, and even locked the shelter manager in a room during the shooting.

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One activist claimed to be part of the Iranian leadership’s annual cull, but said some dogs survived the attack.

Clerics argued that keeping pets indoors was unsanitary and un-Islamic, and reports of animal attacks by stray dogs gave some support for the tougher measures.

Lisa Daftari, editor-in-chief of The Foreign Desk website, told Fox News Digital that the moves were “not surprising”.

“For too long, citizen journalists in Iran have been trying to demonstrate to the world the inhumane nature of this regime,” she said. “They have no compassion for women, children and, as exemplified in this case, innocent animals.”

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Daftari urged officials to bring up human rights violations in talks with Iran — especially in nuclear talks.

“While trying to negotiate the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, President Obama began a trend of not including human rights abuses as part of the deal,” she explained. “These cases, however, underscore the importance of calling out a brutal regime that will stop at nothing to iron out its rule. Does this sound like a worthy negotiating partner? We need to start calling out these brutal crimes.”

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Last year, Iran floated the idea of ​​banning most pets to protect the country from “unclean” animals. The bill makes it illegal to own, breed or transport dogs, cats, rabbits and other domestic animals.

All Gandak animals have gone through their required sterilizations and vaccinations, making it unnecessary for the government to dispose of them.

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Ownership of “wild animals” such as lizards, donkeys or rats already exposes people to heavy fines and penalties, Radio Free Europe reported.