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‘I think there’s a little bit of truth in our criticism’: Shaquille O’Neal responds to Kevin Durant on player salaries


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The internet beef of Shakil O’Neill and Kevin Durant continues this week as the two exchange more comments about how much money the current NBA players are making.

In an episode of ‘The Big Podcast’, O’Neill shared that there is truth in the criticisms made by former players towards the contracts of today’s generation of players compared to what they did years ago.

“You think I’m happy that Rudy Gobert is making $250 million,” O’Neal said. “We’re crazy, we’re small…I think there’s some truth in our criticism.”

In response, the current Brooklyn Nets star wrote on Twitter, “Shaquille is hilarious. You billionaire bro lol.”

O’Neill, who has become a media personality and businessman since playing in the league, responded with an equally astute comment:

“I know I’re hilarious (sic), and I’m not a billionaire, I’re really broken. But always speak the facts. Thank you for saying that I’m funny.”

O’Neal has earned more than $286 million over his nearly two-decade playing career, but Gobert’s contract extension with the Utah Jazz before the 2021 season is worth only $205 million.

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