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Roe v. The Supreme Court’s decision to overthrow Wade has felt like a gut punch – not only because women deserve every opportunity men have but I had an abortion 15 years ago.

I don’t have a story that any mother in my position would want to resurrect, trust me. But we are eager to see what harm will be done to the most deserving politicians if access to safe abortion is removed.

I was 37 years old when I decided to terminate my pregnancy for medical reasons. My husband and I were thrilled when we found out we were pregnant, but a little frightened by the extra caution you needed when you were over 35.

Supreme Court ROE V WADE decision confirms why we should fight to elect pro-democracy women

In our 12-week ultrasound, everything felt right, so we shared exciting news with our family. Our 5 year old daughter was happy and she immediately started talking to my belly and started telling her little brother or sister that she loves them. I was so happy to see her sweet face full of excitement.

I have no doubt in my mind that this was the right decision for me and my family, including my unborn child.

But a few days later, I got a call from a doctor that my blood test contained Trisomy 18 – a chromosomal disorder that they classify as “incompatible with life.” Basically, my pregnancy would end with the death of our child, living a very painful short life just a few minutes out of my womb before either a stillbirth or my baby dies. We were shocked.

They told me to come immediately for a genetic test that eventually confirmed the diagnosis. Both my perinatologist and my OB recommended that I be removed because of my age and the small children who depend on me.

The Supreme Court held that ROE Vs. Wade’s opinion changed

After a week of sleep, after researching on Trisomy 18 and looking for any hope that the doctor might be wrong, my daughter kept kissing my belly, talking to her little brother or sister – the result was always the same.

My heart was breaking into millions of small pieces. The decision seemed impossible.

I kept trying to imagine what my husband and I would say when I was asked by happy friends or even strangers if I was due or if I knew the sex of the baby. And then our youngest daughter, who would only be 6 years old, was burying her sibling, whom she loves so much.

My doctor checked me several times that week and always reminded me how difficult pregnancy is on the body. My daughter was not born walking in the park. Then she asked: Is it right to risk your life and possibly leave your daughters without a mother just for the inevitable delay? I knew what I wanted to do and planned an abortion.

The Supreme Court decision proves that we were not ‘hysterical’, we were right

I have no doubt in my mind that this was the right decision for me and my family, including my unborn child.

I hope and pray that my daughters never have a reason to make such an impossible decision. But, at worst, it is devastating to think that they should not have the same freedom to choose what is best for their family. Despite trained doctors recommending the opposite, it is inconceivable that they could force themselves to become pregnant at great risk!

Georgia State Representative Shi Roberts

Georgia State Representative Shi Roberts
(Courtesy Shea Roberts)

Now that the unimaginable reality is over and Roche’s defense is over, I hope Republican lawmakers here will push for a six-week ban on Georgia, which is before most women realize they are pregnant.

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Worse, local media have reported that some legislators are demanding a complete ban without exception – even for maternal health. These terrorists across the country enact laws that deprive us of our freedom and punish women who leave the state to have abortions on our bodies, arrest doctors who do it, and encourage the process of careful reporting to the government.

Protesters stand in front of the Supreme Court building with election signs.

Protesters stand in front of the Supreme Court building with election signs.
(Joshua Cummins / Fox News Digital)

I am sharing my story because I need unscrupulous politicians, including my Republican colleagues under Georgia’s Gold Dome, whose actions will take the lives of people like me. Children like me lost their mothers because of laws that disrupted doctors’ care.

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We can’t let this happen in Georgia! The midterm elections in November are literally a matter of life and death for the citizens of Georgia. We need leaders who will protect our rights, not deprive them.

I refuse to be the first generation of my daughters with less rights than their mothers. The time to remain silent on this issue is now over. We must use our collective voice and strength to protect our right to medical privacy and physical freedom.