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“The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton on Sunday night severely reprimanded all of the self-appointed “experts” who abused their authority and made key decisions that affected the daily lives of Americans on everything from covid and crime to the military. The economy, “a utterly devastating mistake.”

DR. FAUCI tests for COVID-19 were positive

Steve Hilton: This is the first rule of government by an expert Widow. ‘ No one will ever be held accountable, no matter how much they scrap. We see the absolute glory of capturing the expert idiot Corona virus pandemic. Let’s take a moment to remember the futility, the self-importance, the naivety of these expert idiots who have turned out to be utterly devastating mistakes.

In fact, how ridiculous the experts are and how wrong it is to trust so many founding media professionals is all the more ridiculous now. But it continues to happen. Establishment never learns. So we can not withdraw to experts the key decisions related to our lives. Wherever you look, the epidemic, the crime, the military, the economy, what professionals have done to this country is utterly ridiculous. And while putting this power in their hands is not anti-democratic – it is self-governing, if not contrary to the idea of ​​what America is built on – it does. The basic practical level is that government is not run by experts because, as we have repeatedly seen, experts are fools.

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See Steve Hilton’s complete monologue below: